2012 March

Bread glanced off the left shoulder, chicken went right, frisbee shaped pickle soared to the lower level Friday night at Oracle Arena as I watched my favorite under performers, the Sacramento Kings take a 111-108 loss to the Golden State Warriors as an unruly fan threw his $18 sandwich at a sober opponent cheering for the Kings 20 years his junior. All's fair in love of sports? Or relish-ing an opportunity to be a jerk? You decide.

Hey podcast fans, I recently have been looking at web sites to review that you might be able to use in your independent business and start-ups. I know a lot of you are trying to improve your viability and make a splash with first impressions. I know the feeling, and there is a site that can help boost your graphical desires, Midland Display Products. This site is a simple to browse asset for building custom prints and ads. From trade shows to outdoor tabling, you can find many dimensions of quality printed materials to enhance your presentation in public. You can shop truss displays and panel fittings from a variety of sizes. I would love to see more up front prices from this site for easier shopping and a less cluttered left column of links for sorting types of products.

I have not spent a lot of time on comparison sites but it was easy to see what the final advertisement or logo would look like before placing an order. Still, there are plenty of options to be found from Midland for building your own custom solutions for your next big event to sharpen your image and presentation. Trade show displays are made easy, check them out before your next company outing.

Are not related in any other way except on the Sports Lodge with Roger Lodge. Today's show combines entertainment and sports talking about Second Sunday for Danny, two week past due Yogurt trips for James, and Roger and Danny abttling over the bigger overstatement about the announcement that the Goo Goo Dolls (July 28th, 2012) will be performing a concert at Angel Stadium this year, which will be a fantastic show.  All this and more in today's podcast from march 19th, 2012 from Angels Radio AM 830.

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Discovery Channel cutting loose with Bear Grylls? You mean jumping into frozen lakes, scaling walls without secure safety lines, and eating everything alive or dead isn't wort a few millions in earned revenue? Bring Back Bear Grylls! Bring Back Bear! Speaking of negotiations, James Allen beats me out for the rights to Roger's old iPad.

Besides Bear, today on the Sports Lodge we discuss the Sacramento Kings at Golden State Warriors tickets I purchased, which I feel a bit regretful about after the trade of Monta Ellis for Andrew Bogut. We also touch on midnight trips to the grocery store behind a check writer, the Manning Brothers as the best brother combo in sports, and more, on the Sports Lodge on AM 830. Go party safely on a Wednesday night! (@DannyHauger on twitter) Visit my Website as well.

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Danny Hauger on Reverb NationSoundcloudDanny Hauger Music on Ourstage Songs for sale:amazon

The Sports Lodge gave a moment for Danny Hauger Music and Chasing the Golden Age on AM 830 during the only live and local sports radio show in Southern California. Enjoy this clip, and if you like the song - check out "Slow Dance" from Danny Hauger Music on iTunes and Amazon - and this best of the Sports Lodge on March 13th, 2012

Thousands of songs downloaded free! If you like the sound, buy one on Amazon or iTunes! Free streaming songs: Danny Hauger on Reverb NationSoundcloudDanny Hauger Music on Ourstage Songs for sale:amazonDanny Hauger Music on iTunes Connect

MLB 12: The Show has delivered the best baseball game of this gaming console generation. Complete with saving synchronization from Playstation 3 and PS Vita, only Diamond Dynasty Mode, and an overall improvement on every corner of the field. Sony San Diego has delivered palpable improvements that create an even more rounded baseball simulation this year.

Batting systems have added a new control scheme reminiscent of Ken Griffey Junior’s Major League Baseball. Move the left analog stick to aim as you use the right to time your swing. It is difficult at first as I experienced seven strikeouts through five innings at the hands of the Kansas City Royals. As you progress you feel more in control of the bat than ever and feedback systems give you tips to catch the ball in your wheelhouse with the Dualshock Playstation 3 controllers.

The menu is revised and downloading the newest rosters straight from the game start menu was nearly instant. Within a minute I had Albert Pujols, C.J. Wilson, alongside the youthful upgrades of Peter Bourjos and Mike Trout. The players look great and batting stances have been revisited for greater accuracy to their real life counterparts.

The broadcast still sounds the same. More lines but the same delivery, crowd sounds are wonderful. Ambient chatter is humorous and brings your ears to the ballpark. The crew is growing on me and the discussions take on more original compositions and predictions than the previous two releases.

Pitching with the new pulse system is fantastic and rewarding. Better timing provides better control but no pitcher has pinpoint accuracy which reflects real life baseball. Think before you throw and watch your confidence meter before it gets hammered into left field.

Don’t like the control schemes? All the classics are available. Pick and choose and get into the game with a feel that makes you comfortable.

Baseball physics have been tweaked to indicate momentum and spin changes. New animations present a realistic simulation that is a beauty to take in whether you’re winning or losing.

I was skeptical at the cash register but feel thoroughly confident I will enjoy this baseball experience in MLB 2012: The Show for a long time coming. MLB 2012 the Show

I was skeptical about the new iPad too, but that worked out once again in favor of Apple!

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