2010 July

Angels acquire Dan Haren! Dan Haren

Eight year Angel Joe Saunders was emotional about leaving the city and his team mates. Listen to Joe's comments about the trade. Listen here and bookmark this page (Ctrl + D).

The newest Angel is announced, Dan Harenal League lead. Haren, a three time All-Star arrived Monday pitching in a losing effort at Angel Stadium against the Red Sox.

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Thanks to Lauren Sullivan of Reverb for sitting down for a phone interview last year.

Enjoy, and find more information on http://www.reverb.org/index.php

Reverb helps bring live music without the waste and excess of environmental damage and include artists like Guster, Dave Matthews Band, and Jack Johnson, along with many other.

Tours Greened 91
Events Greened 1,715
Tons of CO2 Reduced 96,675
ENVIRO-GROUPS Involved 2,080
Fans Reached 13.5mil

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Few bands that enjoyed success during the post-grunge alternative clustered 1990's decade have been able to continue creating great music and touring as successfully as the melodic and transcendent Gin Blossoms of Tempe, Arizona.  Their previous release, Major Lodge Victory, while greatly under appreciated by the mass media and radio play list automation, carried a similar energy and originality that could be appreciated from start to finish reminiscent of master works New Miserable Experience and Congratulations I'm Sorry.  Now returning with No Chocolate Cake, the Gin Blossoms continue to offer fans and critics more of their excellent harmonies, wide vocal range, and tracing guitar lines to accent the upbeat rhythm and California - Arizona sound brand that represents a continuity of musical excellence that has remained true to its core since their earliest offerings that redefined the alternative rock genres.

No Chocolate Cake is the 5th studio album for the group No Chocolate Cake

Track listing:

  1. "Don't Change for Me"
  2. "I Don't Want to Lose You Now"
  3. "Miss Disarray"
  4. "Wave Bye Bye"
  5. "I'm Ready"
  6. "Somewhere Tonight"
  7. "Go Crybaby"
  8. "If You'll Be Mine"
  9. "Dead or Alive on the 405"
  10. "Something Real"
  11. "Goin' to California"

The Gin Blossoms recently announced the release of their new studio album, "No Chocolate Cake," in stores September 28, 2010

Click below to enjoy my interview in 2009 with outstanding guitarist Scotty Johnson.

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Concert Update Southern California: Don't miss the Gin Blossoms on Friday, August 6th, at The Canyon Club in Agoura Hills!

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Danny Says Goodbye to Downey and Gabriel on their final show recorded live on AM 830 on Saturday night, July 17th, 2010.


A call on the greatness of following your dreams, and pursuing the things you want to do that make you happy.

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Titan TalkEnjoy a classic Titan Talk episode from Titan Talk September 23, 2008

Originally broadcast on Titan Radio, featuring an automation mishap to start the show.

Hosted by John Lam, Danny Hauger, and Jesse (Jerry) discussing a weekend break and college events from September 2008.



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Genesee Brewery “Rock the Cans” Concert Exceeds Expectations

ROCHESTER, NY – “Rock the Cans,” the first “comeback” concert at the Genesee Brewery held on Saturday, June 26, ended in success. Highlights from the concert include:


  • Attendance of nearly 2,500 people
  • Donations of 650 pounds of canned goods and $2,100 to Foodlink, the regional food bank
  • More than 30 employee volunteers from the Genesee Brewery
  • Beer tastings led by the Genesee Brewery Team
  • Performances by co-headliners, Gin Blossoms and Soul Asylum, as well as Rochester’s own Uncle Plum


“‘Rock the Cans’ was a celebration of the brewery’s success over the last year,” said North American Breweries’ CEO Rich Lozyniak.  “2,500 people came to the brewery to have a great time. Considering where we were just a year ago, we see the concert as the culmination of a lot of hard work.”


Foodlink Executive Director, Tom Ferraro pointed to the partnership the brewery has made with Foodlink. “During the last 12 months, we’ve received continued support from the Genesee Brewery.  Once again, we are so grateful to the brewery and their employees – this time for taking the initiative to gather the community together for our benefit,” said Ferraro. “Donations from ‘Rock the Cans’ allows us to help even more of our neighbors in need.”

The concert name, “Rock the Cans,” is inspired by the three iconic 35,862,784 ounce wrapped tanks outside the brewery representing its flagship beers: Genny Light, Genesee and Genesee Cream Ale.

About Foodlink

Foodlink, the regional food bank, provides food, nutrition, education, and resources in Central and Western New York.  As a member of Feeding America, Foodlink rescues and redistributes more than 10 million pounds of food to 450 human service agencies in the Genesee Valley and Finger Lakes region.  While the distribution of food to reduce hunger remains the foundation of Foodlink’s activities, the vision is more holistic: to end hunger, build self-sufficiency, and foster nutritional wellness.

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Yankee Owner George Steinbrennar has passed away today at the age of 80 on the day of the 2010 MLB All-Star game, he will be remembered on FOX tonight at 5:00 PM PT.

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George Steinbrenner, who bought a declining Yankees team in 1973, promised to stay out of its daily affairs and then, in an often tumultuous reign, placed his formidable stamp on 7 World Series championship teams, 11 pennant winners and a sporting world powerhouse valued at perhaps $1.6 billion, died Tuesday morning, the team announced. He was 80 and lived in Tampa, Florida.


Baseball Commissioner Allan H. (Bud) Selig issued the following statement today regarding the passing of George Steinbrenner:

“On behalf of Baseball, I am very saddened by the passing this morning of George Steinbrenner.  George was a giant of the game and his devotion to baseball was surpassed only by his devotion to his family and his beloved New York Yankees.  He was and always will be as much of a New York Yankee as Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Joe DiMaggio, Mickey Mantle, Yogi Berra, Whitey Ford and all of the other Yankee legends.

A Classic 2009 episode of Titan Talk including an interview with a Profesisonal Interviewer including tips for getting a job.  enjoy!

Recorded live, Danny Hauger and Matt Vidovich host another episode of Titan Talk. Show intro features many new clips including a bear doing play by play. Includes special guests Gary Young, Nat Montana, Professor Julie Novak from Wayne State University (isolated the interview below), and Emily Hock stops by in studio to talk about things that get better or worse over time. See if you agree. Segment 1 recaps holiday plans, Danny’s final show, who’s Josie? Professor Novak calls in, click to listen to the interview about Detroit and the job market for college students. Segment 2 (at 11 minutes in) features the word of the day (13:0), this day in Titan Talk history (Charlemagne, Lincoln, and Ford Motor company intros first assembly line), robots and manual production balance, the Jelly belly factory, world AIDS day, and a call from Nat to talk about her producing / editing role in the upcoming film, “The Meltdown”, and a one minute explanation about the evolution of film in America (20:00), Matt on Twilight, and Emily sits in.

Angel Recap: Saunders Strong 8 Innings not Enough to take game oen from the Royals.

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Happy 4th of july everyone!