2010 March

Grandfather Clocks and Ricky Martin TILTcast 21

Ricky Martin Also swings low

This I learned today:

  1. Grandfather clocks are poorly named
  2. Ricky Martin is gay, and other obvious news.

Jess - "So I guess he bangs", Ricky Martin comes out and says he's gay, hips don't lie.

the new arms control agreement with Russia, replacing the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START) treaty that expired on December 5th will be updated and reduce United States and Russia's nuclear arsenals by one third.

This I learned today - The TILTcast

President Obama - "Good morning, everybody. I just concluded a productive phone call with President Medvedev. And I'm pleased to announce that after a year of intense negotiations, the United States and Russia have agreed to the most comprehensive arms control agreement in nearly two decades."

Top Ten Things Heard in Focus Groups TILTcast 20

Guest presenter David Letterman in This I Learned Today:

10. When do we eat?

9. Is that a man or a woman over there?

8. So a reduction in force does not mean a reduction in force?

7. I'm going to take your empty soda can home with me.

6. He's thinking like a man.

5. Do you hear everything that he's saying?

4. Salad is good - I think its Claim Jumper

3. (Loud clearing throat)

2. Are there any chocolates out there? I smell like garlic bread.

1. Quiet Group.

Healthcare Bill Passed By Senate, Media Drops Coverage TILTcast

On Sunday evening, March 21st, 2010, the most comprehensive near Universal Healthcare Bill passed the Senate.

This I learned Today (TILTcast 18) - Why did this only render two minutes of late night local news coverage?

Huge lack of coverage that is a major understatement.

Whether you are for or against the new law, you should at least know what it is (since the media apparently won't tell you (including citations from the major media coverage tonight):

  • The vote in the House was 219-212. Republicans were unanimously opposed. The bill now goes to President Barack Obama for his signature. (KCAL 9)
  • Kids can stay on parents' insurance until age 26 (FOX 11 News)
  • would make a nearly $1-trillion commitment in taxpayer money over the next decade to help an estimated 32 million uninsured Americans get health coverage.(New York Times - still using past tense langage)
  • 95% of US will be covered (NBC 4 News)
  • More to come as everyone finally reads the bill....


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March 18, 2010

Mad Marchness TILTcast 18

Mad Marchness TILTcast 18

The TILT Podcast

This I learned today:

  1. Baylor picks up first tournament win in 60 years over Sam Houston
  2. Staying up until 2 AM and getting up at 6 does not cancel out, you get twice as tired.
  3. Spokane County Sheriff's detectives are trying to track down a Spokane father who allegedly offered to sell his son on Craigslist for $5,000.
  4. Apple may want you to break your iPod. It is unclear why Apple is taking this step, but its removing screen protection films of any type from its retail and online store.

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That Milkaholic Lindsay TILTcast 17

The TILT PodcastMilkaholics --->Milkaholics?

This I learned today:

  1. Lindsay Lohan either identifies with a baby actress on television or is getting some kind of insider trading deal with E-trade, neither seems like a good enough reason to hire a lawyer to me (don't sue me, I can't afford to lose Cozy Corner...)
  2. In assembly with the brilliance of the above, I'm going after every movie character from 1987 to today, plus Fogel from Superbad
  3. Cal State Fullerton knocks out Northridge in the Big West Tournament
  4. To help President Obama's objective to double trade in the next five years, I am now exporting my podcasts internationally.  Hello global consumer, bookmark me or face embargo.
  5. Put your Toyota in neutral before enjoying the TILTcast

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March 11th 2010.

TILTCAST 16 - Debt Consolidation

The TILT Podcast

This I Learned today: -Debt Consolidation -Living within our means

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Wednesday night the Titans of Cal State Fullerton continued their quest for an NCAA tournament berth by showing the door to the CU Northridge Matadors,  who will not be able to repeat their appearance in the NCAA Tournament again this year.

First year Titan Jer'Vaughn Johnson stepped into the Anaheim Convention Center on a mission with an efficient double double leading Fullerton one step closer to a bid to March Madness.  Sharing the ball became key in spreading the scoring down the stretch with key assists from Gerard Anderson leading the way.  Jacques Streeter also adjusted his role by adding 7 rebounds to his 12 points.

Northridge struggled throughout the game to find a pace they could control the game.  A big game by Vincent Cordell including a double double of his own kept the Matadors motivated but was ultimately unable to slow his defensive assignment.  One of the problems was bench player Kenny Daniels taking a team leading 15 shots while failing to find his shot. To the contrary Fullerton's Devon Peltier drained five triples to boost the scoring of the starters.

The game was lost by CSUN by the mid point of the second half, despite a powerful comeback with 3 minutes left in the game.

March 8th 2010.

Big Shoes To Fill TILTcast 15

Listen to this episode

The TILT Podcast

This I Learned today:

  1. Filling in for the great radio producer James Allen is tough to do, here is a reel of hour 3 of the Sports Lodge with Roger Lodge on AM 830 KLAA this morning.  Thanks to Smokin' Hot Lisa and Jose for assistance with the program, which airs weekdays from 6 to 10 am on AM 830 and am830.net
  2. Bringing back the "ding" from Dominican and Titan Radio put a DH stamp on the program for me.
  3. Should James Allen's streak of almost 500 straight days of work be on the line?
  4. its hard when you're on the injured list and your wife calls you at at your workplace, not to mention 30,000 listeners.
  5. Sports Lodge

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March 8th 2010.

The TILT Podcast

This I Learned today:

  1. 2010 Oscar ceremonies forget Farrah Fawcett in the remembering montage featuring the past year's past away.
  2. Farrah

  3. Oscars ran long and cut short
  4. Los Angeles Angels yet to lead in Spring Training Baseball games (until today's win including a Brandon Wood Homerun)... no need to panic callers!
  5. Brandon Wood

  6. Sony plans to release its Playstation Phone, You can read it here

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March 4, 2010

Out of Gas TILTcast 12

The TILT Podcast

oven owes me $55 - owes me $55

Listen to "Out of Gas" Tiltcast episode 13

The TILT Podcast (This I Learned Today) Episode 13 (Mistitled as 12, another plus for today)

The problem: $55 dollars paid to be told that I had no problem.

This I learned today:  Check your gas meter.

When something truly frustrating comes at your own expense, you have to own it. Here is yet another of my home owner follies in my condo adventures as the oven and stove range stop working, ensuing greatness in action.

An embarrassing story is worth sharing if only to find some good from the experience.

Enjoy the episode.


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Track Listing:

Should Be Fine (2010)

  1. Again Listen to this track here
  2. I Want You
  3. Jackson Valley
  4. The Question
  5. Simplify

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