2010 February

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February 9, 2010  

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Listen to Tilt (This I learned today) episode 2

Things I learned today:

  1. Advertisers of the SuperBowl think that Americans need more beer and greasy snacks
  2. It is not a good credibility tactic to write your key points on your hand for reference, unless you are 6 and can pull it off
  3. Live Show Booked for the Blue Cafe in Huntington Beach, Tuesday, March 23rd, 8:00 PM


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February 8, 2010  

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Listen to TILT episode one

This I Learned Today, TILT Episode 1, A new Podcast by Danny Hauger.

This I learned today, MASH was an awesome show, and is no longer the number one all time watched television event.  The Saints win over the COlts is now the most watched television program of all time.

flower mound salon

February 8, 2010  

New demo from Danny Hauger music.

Listen to "Again" by Danny Hauger

Seeking a record label to support album release.  Contact me at DannyHaugerMusic@gmail.com , or forward this page along to a friend. All my music is free, consider a donation if you like this page!

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February 3, 2010  

Just in time for Valentine's Day, here is a new demo, free to download.

Listen to the new demo, "I Want You"

2010 for me is a year to get back into music, if you know a label looking for an acoustic artists, tell them about me!

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February 3, 2010  

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Radio goes yard with a special manual labor edition of the Showcast.  Enjoy the show as Matt watches Danny work in the yard.  Post coming in moments...

Listen to my new song!

We talk childhood chores, Leno and Conan, and going into space

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February 2, 2010  

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In the first episode of sound bites, we'll take a listen to who the news puts on the air to talk Toyota, State of the Union stand up comedy, and more, check back soon for the pilot episode of Sound Bites.

soundbiteslogo.jpg __________________________________________________________

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