2010 February

3:46 PM PST - Hawaii lifts Tsunami warning - CNN

Mobile Giving Campaigns begin

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President Obama "hundreds of lives lost" - on CNN

3:44 PM PST - Santa Cruz County closes all beaches


A highway collapsed during the massive quake 200 miles from the Chilean capital, Santiago. - Guardian News

Some damage in Ventura, California from rising waves - CNN

Wal-Mart pledges $1 Million - CNBC


As of 2:40 PM Pacific Standard Time, Australia is the latest nation to be hit by a tsunami triggered by the massive earthquake in Chile. According to Australia’s International News Online, waves up to five feet have rammed into New Zealand and Australia. No one has been reported injured there.


1:44 PM PST - Chile death toll at 147 - CNN


1:41 PM PST - Santiago airport closed for at least the next 24 hours - CNN News, 1,000 Americans in the affected area


1:27 PM PST - UK Today News posts pictures calling Chile earthquake worse than recent Haiti quake


1:25 PM PST - Hawaii Tsunami evacuation siren ringing out at half hour intervals - CNN News

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger says support will be sent - WHAM


At 1:17, the San Jose Mercury News is reporting a Tsunami Advisory in the Bay Area, and to stay away from beaches: "Devastating waves aren't expected to hit the California coast, but officials don't want to take any chances."


12:56 PM PST - Tsunami hits French Polynesia, supplies being readied for delivery - Herald Sun


Current time 1:00 PM Pacific Standard,

8.8 Magnitude hit Chile 14 hours ago (3:34 AM local time)

12 hours ago 6.9 Off the coast of Bio-Bio, Chile

1 hour ago 6.3 Offshore Valparaiso, Chile


At 1:15 PM, we are awaiting the tsunami to hit Hawaii.

In Chile, the capital has lost power, phone, and water services.  At this point, no Americans have been reported dead or injured, according to CNN News.

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Today's TILT-ed: California Proposes "No Cussing Week" in March 2010

I don't %u@*ing believe it

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The State of California is trying to pass a no swearing week for residents. This "no cussing" week will officially begin next week, which passed the State Assembly on Thursday, February 25th, 2010, and must pass the Senate, according to KTLA News in Los Angeles.

Thursday, February 25th, 2010 Medal Count Update

2010 Olympic Leaders :

1) United States Gold-8 Silver-10 Bronze-12 Total =30

2) Germany G- 8 S- 11 B-7 Total =26

3) Norway G- 7 S- 6 B-6 Total =19

4) Canada G- 4 S- 3 B- 1 Total =8

5) France G- 7 S- 6 B- 2 Total =15


Killer Whale Kilikum kills trainer during a live whale show at SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida

At around 2:00 PM in Orlando Florida on Wednesday, February 24th, a killer whale killed its trainer during a live performance at Shamu stadium, the third death caused by the whale. This tragic event is being investigated by Sea World.

The Examiner is reporting that the 40 year old trainer slipped and fell, and was then drug under water and killed. Though the park spokesman said it appeared that the trainer slipped and fell, multiple sources who were watching the show described the whale pulling the trainer underwater and thrashing her about violently.

Russell Goldman of ABC News reports the whale’s weight as around 12,000 pounds that has twice before been involved in the death of humans and that this most recent event caused the whale’s trainer to drown. The entire event unfolded during one of the day’s live shows that are one of the main attractions to the theme park in Orlando, Florida.

The whale’s name is Tilikum and is 30 years old, according to the Daily News. This source suggested that Tilikum may be getting unpredictable in her old age as part of the reason for this vicious thrashing, as it was described by witnesses of the horrific event. Her trainer was Dawn Brancheau who had worked with the whale for years.

The Orlando News Sentinel is reporting that Dawn had wanted to work with whales since she was a little girl and had a passion for marine biology from a young age. Her mother said that she loved her work. She ended up giving her life for the job she loved. Paramedics were unable to revive the trainer and she was pronounced dead on the scene.

The park is now closed and there will be a full investigation into the incident. San Diego’s SeaWorld also closed its whale shows for the day. I feel terribly for the family of the trainer, and am shocked that this whale was allowed to be contained after two previous instances of human death linked to it. This event may serve as a re-evaluaiton of animal park operations.


Hellen Kennedy, Daily News

Kristy Stevens-Young, Examiner.com

Orlando Sentinel News Online

Russell Goldman, ABC News


Picture courtesy AP

Sven  Kramer - Inside Lane!

One of the most embarrassing and utterly disappointing moments of all time in sports.  The World Record holder going for double gold is coming around a turn when his coach yelled at him to take the inside lane - BUZZZER - Wrong!  Sven was in the correct lane and was disqualified at the end of his run and will not receive his second gold in the Vancouver 2010 Olympic games.  The mistake was made on the 17th lap out of 25, four seconds ahead of the man in second, to no avail, congrats Lee, you stayed in the right line and were pretty fast.

Newsline from Vancouver says that Coach Gerard Kemkers of the Netherlands is no longer in the running for Coach of the Year.  Maybe next...well, there probably won't be a...

Sven "Inside?  No, not you, the rink, its inside here...nice right?  Sven? Where are you going?

___ Point of TILT Clarification, the difference between luge, skeleton, and bobsled:

Bobsled - mostly enclosed sled with two or four people, running start, one steers, one brakes Luge - feet first, push start, solo or pairs Skeleton - head first., running start, solo. Same track is used for luge, skeleton and bobsled

February 21, 2010

Super G Hardline Reel 2-21-10

"The Super G".  This is a best of reel from Sunday's 2:00 radio show Hardline on AM830.

Listen to this Best of Reel

Hardline takes a few minutes to discuss the Vancouver Olympic Games 2010 and the events therein, including Lysacek, Plushenko, Vonn, and the Super G. And here you go Will: The All-Time Winter Olympics Medal Count:

  1. Norway  = 290
  2. United States = 237
  3. Russia = 217

Hardline is Hosted by Shawn Fago and Will Bruzzo, and produced by Danny Hauger.

The TILT Podcast

Today's TILT-ed: American Evan Lysacek

Evan Lysacek

Evan was able to escape snake bites from his own suit and take gold in the most figure skating I hope to ever watch again in my life.  I was just checking to see if the Russian would try and Drago him afterwards.  I was impressed by Evan's on mic presence of mind and sportsmanship in response to the interviews.  Very classy.

2/20/10  This I Learned Today:

  1. Russia's Plushenko still complains while Lysacek takes the high road.
  2. Taking pictures of the party at Vancouver can send you home Scotty Lago
  3. Sometimes the women look more like men, and vice versa, but its progressive here in 2010, why not, just don't take any racy pictures or its see ya later silver medals
  4. Swiss prostitutes are being taught to revive their older customers.  Extra service at no charge, what a deal. The full story is here.

Saturday, February 20th, 2010 Medal Count Update

2010 Olympic Leaders :

1) United States Gold-6 Silver-6 Bronze-9 Total =21

2) Germany G- 4 S- 6 B-4 Total =14

3) Norway G- 5 S- 3 B-2 Total =10

4) Canada G- 4 S- 3 B- 1 Total =8

5) France G- 2 S- 1 B- 4 Total =7

Austria            2      2       3 total = 7


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February 19, 2010

tiltcast 8 Marv Albert Soup

TILTcast: This I learned today.

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From Jeff Biggs and The Drive on AM 830, (weekdays 3 to 7 PM on AM 830) this i learned: Who would you pick to have lunch with of any sports legend?  I chose Marv Albert to have a sensational soup from downtown!


The TILT Podcast

February 19th, 2010 Medal Count Update

2010 Olympic Leaders :

1) United States Gold-6 Silver-5 Bronze-7 Total =18

2) Germany G- 4 S- 4 B-3 Total =11

3) Norway G- 4 S- 3 B-2 Total =9

4) Canada G- 3 S- 3 B- 1 Total =7

5) France G- 2 S- 1 B- 4 Total =7


TiltCast: Listen to this episode

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This I Learned Today: Is Kevin Smith Fat? Or Drunk? And Why do people care?

(Update: I listened to the SMODcast about the events, and have to consider that Kevin Smith is a very funny guy.  I also believe him when he said he doesn't drink.)

Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith is a directing genius, and Clerks is my favorite movie ever. I love his work. I can not get on the Southwest Airlines sucks bandwagon however, in purely accepting his story as fact. Recently Smith claimed he was removed from a flight for being too fat and forced to take the next flight by the pilot. I find this surprising as he went one way because this I learned today:

  1. Kevin traveled one way with no issues
  2. Kevin isn't that fat
  3. They let him take another flight

Kevin posted Tweets to Twitter throughout the alleged ordeal.  Now there is the other side, a "pilot" email read by Lep Laporte of This Week in Tech, alleging an inside source claimed Smith was belligerant, possibly drunk.  I thought about this except for this I learned today:

  1. The flight was not full
  2. Kevin has over one million Twitter fans and considerable sway over his fans
  3. I have heard that Kevin doesn't drink

While I don't traditionally comment on celebrity news, this one is quite confusing, and centers around someone I consider to be a pretty cool guy and great film maker.

I still think there is more to it than being fat and trying to fly after making a Mac conference presentation, and he's getting a heck of a lot of play in the media now.  More of the point of what I learned today: Social media is beginning to change the game completely in terms of social influence.

Especially under the light that fans are prone to believing blindly, what do you think happened? Click below to comment.  Don't forget to subscribe to the podcast.


anne a lay apostle

February 17, 2010

TiltCast Pulling an Oriole e.6

TILTcast: This I learned today:

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Be careful when you are in front of that camera.  Baltimore Oriole's relied pitcher Brad Bergesen injures himself during a commercial shoot for the 2010 season.  This after being out hit in the shin by a line drive last year!

Orioles Pitcher Brad Bergesen

  1. Softball needs to be canned so sports like trampoline and figure skating can survive?
  2. Olympics, fun to watch
  3. If you weight gold medals, Germany and South Korea are leading Vancouver so far in 2010

The TILT Podcast

February 17th, 2010

Complete  Vancouver Medal Count 2010 Olympic Details:

1) United States Gold-3 Silver-3 Bronze-4 Total =10

2) Germany G- 3 S- 4 B-2 Total = 9

3) France G- 2 S- 1 B-4  Total = 7

4) Canada G- 2 S- 2 B- 1  Total = 5

5) Norway G- 1 S- 2 B- 2 Total = 5


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February 13, 2010

Oh, Canada Tiltcast ep.5

The TILT Podcast

Oh, Canada, Oh, Canada

I watched the entirety of the Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010 opening ceremonies last night.  Great to see the parade of nations and a lot of international good will.  Overall was pretty impressed with the massive productions.  A few things I learned from the ceremonies that I did not expect though.

  1. Did the United States get a louder cheer than Canada?  They were a tremendous host and they deserve a lot of credit for being a great nation to the north.
  2. When exactly did Canada invent the River Dance?  I know that the Ireland team cam out in chartreuse instead of green, but does that mean they weren't going to notice this little extreme dance number?  Wand what's with the loud, soft, loud soft progression of music?
  3. Remember to put the microphone to your mouth before you lip synch Bryan Adams

Joking aside, Canada did a great job with a massive ceremony with only one crucial mistake.  Great to see Nash and Gretzky out there, a lot of fun to kick off what will hopefully be a great games.

Fun fact: All-time winter medal winning countries:

  1. Norway
  2. Russia
  3. United States

Good luck to our 200+ USA olympic athletes!

Real Time Medal Count update 2/16/10

Complete Medal Count 2010 Olympic Details:

United States Gold- 1 Silver-2 Bronze-3

Germany G- 1 S- 3 B-0

France G- 2 S- 0 B-1

Canada G- 1 S- 1 B- 1

South Korea G- 1 S- 1 B- 0


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February 10, 2010

TiltCast Free Parking, e.3

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Tiltcast Episode 3, This I Learned Today:

  1. Hospitals are charging for guest parking
  2. A boat missed the harbor in Oceanside, California

Best wishes and health to everyone!

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Looking for free articles to read in boredom, I have you covered: Danny Hauger's Contributor Profile - Associated Content

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