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January 27, 2010  

A just the facts summary breakdown, no partisan spin.  Here is a report of quotes and words from President Obama's first State of the Union address on January 27th, 2010, to get you up to speed in under four minutes.

Listen to this 4 Minute Summmary

All this in four minutes, no spin, no rhetoric.

President Obama delivered his first State of the Union in about one hour and ten minutes, in front of Congress and a national TV audience. ________________________________________________

Buying Your First Home

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January 23, 2010  

Thank you for reading, each person that visits this article helps send relief to Haiti thanks to Associated Content. Each click to read the article HERE sends a penny to Haiti from Associated Content. The storms of late on Orange County have done some damage and even forced some evacuations in the area. Water and flooding have been detrimental to the areas hardest hit by the storm. This surprise weather pattern was damaging, but no where near the scale of the devastation in the wakes of the Haiti earthquake.  Read more and donate a penny by clicking through here.

January 23, 2010  

recorded in Orange County, California on January 22nd, 2010, and a video - drive safe and stay warm, maybe order one of my albums for $2 via paypal for 10 tracks of winter ambient music.


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January 20, 2010  

A free song for a freaking cold and windy week in Southern California.


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January 19, 2010  

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January 19th, 2010 showcast with Danny Hauger and Matt Vidovich.

Thanks to everyone that watched the Showcast and chimed in, here's the showcast on Haiti, the tornado, Pete Carroll, Avatar, Leno, and Conan.

Listen to the Showcast Ep #3

Be safe out there and drive carefully if you're going out on the roads.

If you missed our 8:30 PM Showcast tonight,we recorded live on the web.  Tune in right here for the podcast and webcam (high definition audio next week).

We talked:


If you carry a gun, you need to be safely trained and know the law in your state. Force Training Systems can help you understand safety through Training Classes, The No-Carry Directory, and Informational articles. Check out their website today and be safe.

January 15, 2010  

If you click through my article, whether or not you read it, Associated Content will match about one cent for each visitor.  It's a way of giving back in small amounts to make a difference on top of your charitable giving.

Here is the link that will match a donation to Haiti

Haitian Relief Effort: A Time to Give These are the reasons why I believe everyone should consider helping our fellow people. Read More

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January 11, 2010  
January 10, 2010  

Welcome to 2010!

Let me start with a bit of 2009 thanks.

Thank you to Podbean.com for renewing another year of podcast sponsorship.


Second, check out my Associated Content Articles, I have recently been named a featured Arts and Entertainment Writer, and would like to thank AC for the new opportunities.

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Here's the new Cozy Corner Music video, featuring friends of past and present from the Titan Radio Era

January 7, 2010  

From the live concert January 6th at the Blue Cafe in Huntington Beach.

This was the closing song to the concert, also enjoy these two videos form the show.  Thanks to everyone who showed up to support.

Featuring accompaniment by Gary Young. Recorded by Brett Parmenter. Booking by Amy Talaska.

Listen to this live track

Time for All to Move Along

January 6, 2010  

January 5th, 2010. Enjoy Episode 2 of the Showcast.

We talk about the tallest building, or vertical city in Dubai, pizza, the new Droid phone, Christmas presents, 2010 diet plans, excercise, buying gifts, fitness, oversized helmets, guilt and Dick Clark, and New Year's events

January 6, 2010  

The Drive

I called into The Drive with Jeff Biggs, who hosted a tremendous tribute show to Rory Markas, the late Angel's broadcaster.  I wanted to post this to share with the world, one brief memory I had with Rory recently.  Rory Markas was 54 years old.

Listen to the phone call

Rory Markas

January 5, 2010  

Rory Markas (1955-2010) was found dead in his Palmdale home yesterday. Rest in Peace Rory, you were a passionate man and a wonderful broadcaster, and my condolences to your friends and family, I will surely miss working with you.  Rory was a professional and a one of a kind broadcaster.

The most recent time I ran the board for Rory was on Christmas for a USC basketball game in Hawaii.  As I cut in,which you can hear from this clip, Listen to the tribute here.

Rory had to begin his broadcast sitting down on the floor, because the previous game was still being played in the tournament.  The mental image of Rory still holding down a pre-game show underneath a desk made me realize once again what a professional broadcaster should be.  Humorous, willing to go at any moment, and positive through anything.  Thank you Rory for your brilliant work.

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