2009 December

12/26/09 , highlights from French's Corner, hear the whole show from the French's Corner Podcast.

We talk NBA Rookie of the year, Tyreke Evans, Clippers, USC, and more... Enjoy.

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December 25, 2009

Christmas Air Check

Happy Holidays!

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To everyone...

Presents have been backordered, broadcast, and podcasted, so I thought I would write a quick note instead.

Thanks for all the help and support this year.

College is finished! Next up: the ever fruitful job market. I'm currently working weekends, guitar lessons, and freelance marketing to make mortgage and croissant needs.

I am thankful for my education, friends, and family, and colleagues who have brought me along this far.

My Northern and Southern California homes have made me feel welcome in more places than ever, and I thank everyone who sat through a broadcast this year.

I hope to see you all soon and share the new year to come.

From Christmas board-op Danny Hauger at AM 830, KLAA in Angel's Stadium - having a maple donut for you!

Thanks for being part of my family,

Best Wishes, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!


-- Danny Hauger ------------------------- Danny Hauger Podcasts https://dannyhauger.podbean.com ------------------------------ Hauger Marketing Management

Episode one of the post Titan Talk "Showcast"

The Showcast!

Danny Hauger and Matt Vidovich share their Christmas wishes live, Christmas Eve, 2009.  Enjoy the show and Happy Holidays!

Features holiday insight, favorite Christmas movies, the future of humanity as a mix of WALL-E and Idiocracy, how to do Las Vegas right, and wrong.

New Year's resolutions, the unfortunate passing of Brittney Murphy, the Google Droid, tracking Santa across the United States, and a lot more.  Enjoy this pilot episode of the showcast, and bookmark the Stickam page for future Showcasts

Featuring Board Op / Producer Danny Hauger, highlights and predictions for Cowboys Saints on December 19th, claiming parts of the program WHILE you were at the school NOT on the team, and more...

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Tune in for a very special holiday story, "A Vidovich Chris-o-mas" Listen to the series finale!

Thanks for listening! Enjoy the final Titan Radio broadcast for me, and the last Titan Talk! Even more news...another Danny Hauger concert event... 17208 Pacific Coast Hwy When: Wednesday, January 6, 2010 from 8:00 pm to 11:00 pm.

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This episode includes:

  • What I learned from 2009 : The media is lame, error check your work, Michael Jackson,  and more...
  • A Vidovich Chris-o-mas
  • Top 10 headlines from 2009
  • Nic calls in
  • Words from a Rabbi
  • Christmas wishes
  • Word of the Day (44:45)
  • On This Day in Titan Talk History, and Matt can't count days
  • Top Web Searches
  • Celeb Deaths
  • 59:00 - Final thanks to Titan Radio

Thanks to Cody Cafaro for the new logo: Cody's logo

Thanks to all DJ's and staff at Titan Radio for two awesome years! Donate to help support the podcast if you're in the holiday mood,

December 8, 2009

Anniversary, Titan Talk

Two shows remain, but only one will survive, a bailout for Main Street, smile at the camera, and four years of boyfriend girlfriendsies with Jess, All this...and more... on today's Titan Talk.

Listen to Titan Talk - "Anniversary"

We talked Christmas lights, holiday moods, life trying to break into radio broadcasting. Emily came in and we continued with etiquette of relationships, being lazy, making the right match, and more. Special thanks to Johnny Milford Johnnny Milford Productions The outstanding radio producer, for calling in from Stockton, California, and for Emily for stopping by. Missed the show? Check out a video below, and tune in next week for a very special Christmas episode "A Vidovich Chris-o-mas" Thanks for visiting, subscribe to this podcast!

December 7, 2009

Real Good with Danny Hauger

This variety show started as an attempt to talk until no one listened anymore. Show Began with news updates from the pilots who missed their destination, Google digitizing the public domain, technology news, and a report from Wall Street. From there, the show transitioned from news into three in-depth interviews about goals and post holiday plans with:

Ashley Nettles:Film Production Erik Ventura: Graduating and Annie Lynch: Freshman year at CSUF. See how long you can stand to listen. It's time for Real Good, with Danny Hauger. Thanks for visiting, subscribe to this podcast!


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December 3, 2009

Better/Worse, Titan Talk

Recorded live, Danny Hauger and Matt Vidovich host another episode of Titan Talk. Show intro features many new clips including a bear doing play by play. Includes special guests Gary Young, Nat Montana, Professor Julie Novak from Wayne State University (isolated the interview below), and Emily Hock stops by in studio to talk about things that get better or worse over time. See if you agree. Segment 1 recaps holiday plans, Danny's final show, who's Josie? Professor Novak calls in, click to listen to the interview about Detroit and the job market for college students. Segment 2 (at 11 minutes in) features the word of the day (13:0), this day in Titan Talk history (Charlemagne, Lincoln, and Ford Motor company intros first assembly line), robots and manual production balance, the Jelly belly factory, world AIDS day, and a call from Nat to talk about her producing / editing role in the upcoming film, "The Meltdown", and a one minute explanation about the evolution of film in America (20:00), Matt on Twilight, and Emily sits in.

Segment Three, Better or Worse

Segment 3 What shows and other pieces of pop culture have aged well over time? And which are now terrible. The group discusses Charlie Brown Charlie brown lucy(depressing?) (31:00), A Christmas Story, Nightmare Before Christmas and Danny Elfman, Friends, Will & Grace, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Family Guy, a Pokemon girl or two, Matt on baseball, hockey, and soccer and more... Thanks for listening! Listen to this episode about better and worse things over time Leave a comment

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December 2, 2009

Interview with Julie Novak

Health Communications Researcher at Wayne State University.



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