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Vidovich Ditch, Titan Talk

Matt is missing, but M Meow and BP fill in for a conversationally rich program.

This show features:
John Lam at a low fidelity carnival
Vidovich calls about Christmas
Swine flu vaccine mistletoe
holiday happiness and the cheeriness of fall
Pumpkin pies as the center of the season
Word of the day
Quote of the day
Then BP comes in or a tech talk
the death of Geocities
evolution of the social aspects of the internet
No Shave November
Bill McGarvey heads in to throw in his thoughs

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Yankees win their 40th pennant with a 5-2 win over the Angels in game 6 of the ALDS.

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About one minute after the stroke of midnight in the Bronx, New York, and the Yankees defeated the Los ANgeles Angels of Anaheim 5 to 2. This game six win sent the Angels home to Anaheim without a game seven, or dreams of a return to the World Series. The Yankees, under direction from an Andy Pettitte reminiscent of his prime, were able to hold of the Angels that had pushed so hard through this 2009 playoff picture.

The Angels had swept the Boston Red Sox in the American League Division Series. In a definitive victory, the Angels fought back and dethroned closer Jonathan Papelbon, giving him his first earned run and loss in the playoffs.

Unfortunately for Los Angeles, Yankees closer Mariano Rivera was not about to let the game drift away so easily. Excellent starting pitching, in association with two pitiful Angel errors in the eighth inning brought the Yankees to their first pennant in six years, and their fortieth in total.

It was going to be an uphill battle for the Angels, and Vladimir Guerrero came through with a key RBI that gave the Angels hope while down 3 to 2, but the game would soon unravel, and the Yankees managed to keep control of the game and the series. Unwilling to let the game slip, the Yankees opted to bring in closer Mariano Rivera right away in the eighth inning, and no combination of Angel’s pitching were able to bring a victory to Los Angeles on this Sunday Evening.

In a series where the weather had its say, a clear night of New York skies allowed this game to be completed without impediment or interruption. Angel’s starter Joe Saunders struggled early, and was pulled out after giving up a one to nothing lead. The Angels would send Darren Oliver, Ervin Santana, Scott Kazmir, and Jeff Weaver to the mound. In the eighth inning, errors by Howie Kendrick and Scott Kazmir would douse any ounce of hope left in the halos dugout, and the Yankees were able to close out the ballgame with a couple support runs in the inning.

Nine Yankees were walked by Angel pitching, and the pair of errors nearly sealed the fate of Los Angeles. Gary Matthews Junior struck out swinging during the final out as a pinch hitter, sending New York to the World Series for the first time in six years.

The Angels will have a busy off season, with more than five big names becoming free agents. It was a great season, dedicated to the loss of pitcher Nick Adenhart. As the post game show of AM 830, the Angels flagship completed, host Jeff Biggs noted that destiny does not always work out the way you want.

The Yankees clinched their fortieth pennant of their franchise history with a 5 to 2 win over the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.


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Titan Talk, The Furlough

Titan Talk, live from 2 to 3 PM on www.titanradio.org, tune in and call us - (657) 278-5516, should be a great, extended addition show. Listen to this extended episode of Titan Talk

This extended show covers:

A John Lam call, or two...or four
Weekend updates

Succeeding through Boardwalk and Park Place, not Extenze and Vodka, or falling on your face
Halloween Plans 2009
Danny is shooting a movie which requires him to eat five eggs.
DJ Fiesta calls in
45:00 in, BP calls in to defend my associated content articles, available here: Danny Hauger's Contributor Profile - Associated Content


Norcal news : Stanislaus and CSUS
furloughs, vacations, and weekend protesters
BP calls in from the shower (avoid mental pictures)
the evolution of social networking from AIM to present day
Matt Aguire in class at CSU Chico
Offbeat news


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Best of the episode right here....

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Matt helps his grandma's shed, Duck's Hockey, Ducks, Angel's and Dodgers Update,
Word of the day - exculpate
President Obama vs. Obama, can't wait for Ryan Miller from Guster to call.
Skiing vs. Snowboarding and how to...

Segment 2 picks up at 12:30 (min:sec) - in an office environment, for a short lived interview segment
Matt laughs a lot

Price tiers for celebrity sperm donations.
Spray painting donkeys into zebras
Matt Vidovich sets up his Billy Mays impersonation (23:00)

Crashing into the median and safe driving techniques, and Matt's sister

Respect for Mike Judge, and King of the Hill, Matt talks about the film Extract.

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The show talks about stuff, then Ryan Miller from Guster calls in.

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Recorded live Tuesday, 2:50 PM on Titan Radio. Thanks Ryan for taking the time!

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Live, October 6th, 2009. Titan Talk, "The More You Know".

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This week, Matt and Danny talk (like Titans) about:

Two second sound effects
Weather in Fullerton, California
Weekend reports, Ducks Hockey (no energy in the home opener) and Angel's Baseball

The main concept of the show centered around positive mental attitudes
The importance of positivity
A guest stops by
David Letterman and his extracurricular activities, and his class in handling it
Offbeat news including:
Getting mauled by bears
Getting mauled by raccoons
Having a bear face transplant

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Interview recorded live Thursday, October 1st, 2009
From www.pwstreet.com, and "Positively Wall Street", Professional Money Manager Bill Gunderson generously gives his time to talk about investments and the importance of starting young. Designed to help college students think about their financial plans, this interview focuses on:

How Bill got interested in investments
Young people have a lot of things, mostly to do with iphone apps, texting bills, and clothing styles, but we do have time...
How to begin investing
Value investing and mutual fund
Growing money over time
The importance of starting young
Making a financial plan and a budget
Starting with $1,000 dollars to age 60
The importance of being positive

You might say you have nothing to invest with, but remember, a little bit today can be a big difference later, hope this will help you on your way to long term financial success. I want to thank Bill, for taking some valuable time to share some valuable ideas with us, thanks Bill!

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"Positively Wall Street is heard live on AM 830 on Sunday evenings at 5:00 PM. to learn more about Bill, visit his website.

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