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Titan Talk trivia Challenge, Showdown 1 vs. The Harbinger. Seven questions.
Following that we talk about the budget protests happening all across the public campuses in California. Today, September the 29th, nearly all of the college campuses are demonstrating against fee hikes, tuition raises, furloughs, and budget cuts. From UC Berkeley, all the way down to Cal State Fullerton.

Play along and test your trivia knowledge: What is M. Bison's home nation? What is 4+4? What is Cal State Fullerton's mascot? What is Michael J. Fox's most famous movie? What Kardashian married recently?
After their defeat, the Harbinger retaliated by sabotaging the live recording of Titan Talk, of which we have no further record... what you missed was offbeat news...which will never be heard...

The next segment that was able to be salvaged, after two computers lost the feed, is the signoff, enjoy!

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Live video from 9/29/09, from the Cal State Fullerton quad on Tuesday. Many students are walking around campus to protest tuition fees.

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Titans Find Voice on Internet Radio

I have attached here this week's newspaper article about our work at Titan Radio at Cal State Fullerton, enjoy the read. Nice piece Keyana! Also, very poor audio story is posted, read by Scottish robot, Gary Shnell, enjoy that too...

Titans find voice on Internet radio Posted on 22 September 2009

Tags: Chadwick Vargas, Danny Hauger, Grant Mueller, Internet radio, Titan Communications, Titan Radio

By Keyana Moayedi For the Daily Titan

Radio-TV-film major Brett Parmenter, 21, adjusts the audio balance for Titan Radio located in the basement of the CSUF Pollak Library. Titan Radio can be heard online at www.titanradio.org. Photo by John Wayne Maiorello.

Defeated, you settle on something you can stand to listen to one more time and promise yourself you’ll look for some new, fresh music when you get home, but where? Pandora’s recommended every artist in her box and the radio is little more than a glorified stream of commercials.

Well, look no further than your friendly Titan Internet radio station.

Since its establishment in 2001, Titan Radio (www.titanradio.org) has been broadcasting an eclectic mix of music, talk, sports, news and comedy to audiences worldwide.

The student-run, non-profit operation is a torrent of divergent, alternative programming you won’t find on your FM dial. Aside from the occasional shout out to their supporters, they’re virtually commercial-free.

“Since we’re currently working under Titan Communications, our programming changes every semester,” General Manager Grant Mueller said. “We play a lot of new and alternative music.”

If you are looking for a weekly digest of oddball news and playful banter -

Program Director Danny Hauger hosts “Titan Talk” on Tuesdays from 2 p.m. – 3 p.m., a show highlighting the local, national, and pop culture news of the week.

He’s interviewed a variety of guests from Stu Cook, bass player for Creedence Clearwater Revival, to Ingrid Croce, wife of the late famed folk singer-songwriter Jim Croce, and plans on inviting more to the studio this semester.

With four years of broadcasting under his belt, Hauger has now branched out into a new field of topics.

“I’ve been doubling as sports director,” said Hauger. “We started with basketball broadcasts last semester, we’re continuing with live commentary of every game this semester too.”

One look around the station will have you sold on the positive learning environment Titan Radio provides.

“It’s a good experience for people to come in no matter what their major is,” said Mueller, a business major himself. “It has a lot of personal growth potential.”


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Interview with Scotty Johnson, lead guitarist of the awesome alternative band, The Gin BLossoms, and Titan Talk with Matt and Danny
Listen to the Scotty Johnson interview here!

Plus, Titan Talk, September 22nd, 2009, discusses:
The basic decency of the average human being
Getting stolen from...politely
The Emmy Awards - winners and losers, Simpsons (36:00 in), Family Guy, South Park
Jyrus checks in and tries to plug his show
Offbeat news including: Man crushed by cow (splat story of the week), finding a severed hand in your yard, a New York reporter plucks a chicken on the air, 3,000 golf balls in Joshua tree national park (42:00),

Jairus tries to fill a minute of dead air (44:32)

Eating contests, and those that want to watch Kobayashi
An interrupting mallard duck enters the studio, Ducks Hockey getting ready to break the ice (49:10)
and more...


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<">Danny Hauger Caricature

What's Your Motivation? This week's Titan Talk delves into the realm of the omnipotent Twitter,The Recession is over according to Carl's Jr. on campus!, offbeat stories, Orange County's sex scandal (Mike Duvall), Danny runs for public office, Kanye West is jackass,off the record of course, President Obama and speeches,
Segment 2
In the second segment, Matt V takes the reigns, and Matt's sister calls in (isn't family great), being a beach bum, making pizzas at Pizza Place, career goals, a little family drama, Matt takes the high road, Matt gets interviewed about the passion for life interview, and more.

Listen to the newest Titan Talk episode, "The Recession is Over"

InMotion Hosting


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Interview with CCR bass player Stu Cook, Recorded September 9th, 2009. from Titan Radio Studios.
Danny interviews rock legend Stu Cook from Creedence Clearwater Revisited, an original member of a band that changed the course of American Rock music as we know it.
Creedence Clearwater Revisited Plays the Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts, a beautiful venue not far from Cal State Fullerton, the concert is September 19th, Stu Cook, and Doug Clifford, original members from Creedence Clearwater Revival.
This interview discusses the band's history, hard work in music as a career, new album, Stu's favorite moments, the state fair in Alaska, international audiences, relationship with the band, modern music production, and more.
Stu - "We started out with a dream."
Here is the Interview

Danny, Great interview!

CCR was always and continues to be one of my favorites. I still have their albums! Their music always takes me back and lifts my spirits. That dates me for sure, but I don’t care. Once a fan always a fan.

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