2009 August

New Danny Hauger Podcasts coming soon, new shows will live on, but this is the END of Cozy Corner. Enjoy the last episode folks.

Listen to the demise of Cozy Corner

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Below is an article published about my new EP, which is free. If you want the link email me at dhxlive@gmail.com, it's a 10 track guitar instrumental of soft ambient music, a side project of mine. To get, "Songs to Wake Up To" in your email, send me a message at dhxlive@gmail.com, and I will reply with a direct link to the entire .zip file for the 10 track album, "Songs to Wake Up To" From Danny Hauger Music Studios.

Local Musician DHX, a college senior at Cal State Fullerton, has recently begun giving all his music away for free. Stockton born, Fullerton resident, Danny Hauger has been recording and self-producing music since he was a Junior in high school. He has composed music that has been used in commercial production, and has played a few small town gigs in Northern and Southern California.

Hauger produces alternative music, but is has been his instrumental acoustic album, "Songs to Wake Up To", that has generated interest from local press and international music fans. This ten track EP full of soft riffs and layered acoustic guitars is being given away digital via internet downloads, completely for free.

"It's something that didn't seem like a big deal until the downloads started stacking up", said Hauger, "I just wanted to get the music out there for people to enjoy". Hauger sat with us at AC as he discussed the album of enjoyable relaxation tracks, mostly guitar, and tapped along to "Simplify". When asked about the track, Hauger said, "I wrote that in about 15 minutes, and recorded within the hour. It was January 2nd, and all the rush of New Year's had passed. Someone had asked about resolutions, and I thought, simplify, keeping the difficult parts of life in context. I picked up my guitar and started strumming the main pattern. It was an organic process from there, and came together very quickly." Enjoy it they have, said visitors to his podcast upon being given the opportunity to download the album from Hauger's podcast website, and full length previews are also there to listen to before committing to the download.

When asked about money, Hauger said, "I wasn't making any already, so I figured there was nothing to lose. I just want my music to be heard, and by the web stats, that objective is going well." Over one thousand downloads have been counted in the week that "Songs to Wake Up To" has been available. Songs like "Jackson Valley" were inspired by the natural surroundings of Northern California, life decisions, and calming auras of backseat car rides, thoughtful reflections, and gentle acoustic chord progressions.

Hauger hopes that this generosity will take him and his music somewhere, someday. He invites donations after downloads, but says no one takes part in that sector. He hopes that if people pass around hi music enough, a record label may take notice one ay and offer some professional studio time or record deal.

For now, Hauger is content with the idea of people all over the world listening for free to strokes of a pick that he has authored. "Everyone likes music, and money is tight, I hope people enjoy listening to the music and songs that I have loved creating".

Hauger's podcast is also on itunes, at Danny Hauger Podcasts, and downloads and samples are posted at https://dannyhauger.podbean.com. The album is about 45 MB, and Hauger emails the link for anyone who wants to add his EP to their music collections. He is accepting offers from several area record labels, and still considering new offers. Simplify Music Video ______________________________ To get, "Songs to Wake Up To" in your email, send me a message at dhxlive@gmail.com, and I will reply with a direct link to the entire .zip file for the 10 track album, "Songs to Wake Up To" From Danny Hauger Music Studios.

If you enjoy it, please consider making a $1 donation via paypal.

The album file is in .zip, and about 45 MB, and contains a track list and the album.

This album is 100% original, produced in 2009, and is entirely instrumental on guitar, great songs to relax, wake up to, or unwind with. Thanks for supporting independent musicians!

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Picked this old guitar up for $5 in Santa Fe Springs yesterday, here's its first recording sesson, free for podcast listeners. Will be added as a bonus track to the free EP, Songs to Wake Up To.

Thanks for listening.