2009 June

Have a question for a police officer?

A 28 year veteran to the Orange County area as a police officer, and six year marine from age 17 in the Bronx, New York, takes time to talk to Danny live on Titan Radio. He answers questions and relays advice and insight on:

-Johnny Law's new Sunday night radio show at 7 PM on AM 830

What is the most pressing legal issue that college students should be aware of?
Thoughts about the recent Lakers victory, and the incidents of crowds and shenanigans following the final championship victory.
Protocol for communicating with an officer

Johnny's time in the Marine Corp

What, if any, misunderstandings about police officer’s do you think there are from the general public?
What’s the most rewarding of your job?
What’s the most challenging part of your work?
Is there a compelling human interest story you can share with us?
Taking the good and the bad, what’s your opinion on humanity and human nature as a whole?
Thoughts on the state of the nation
What would you tell yourself at age 21?

Thank you Johnny for joining me for the conversation, of which brought great insight into the life of a police officer, and the importance of all of our civil servants and community partners.

Johnny can be heard live Sunday evenings at 7 PM on AM 830, KLAA.
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RIP Michael Jackson, King of Pop, god bless the families, Brian Oxman for brilliant and sensitive reporting of the events live from the UCLA medical center, as an irreplaceable member of pop music passes away.

Thanks goes to radio station klaa AM 830 in Anaheim for their insight, and very tasteful covering of the story, a very professional job done by Jeff Biggs and the crew out there, an incredible performer and an iconic actress have come to pass on today.
Also today, the iconic actress Farrah Fawcett passes away after a long bout with Cancer at 62.

Shaq Moves in to help Lebron James, traded for Sasha Pavlovic and Ben Wallace. A Big trade for the biggest center of attention in the NBA.

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Farrah Fawcett passes away after a long bout with Cancer at 62, RIP

RIP Michael Jackson, King of Pop, god bless the families, Brian Oxman, and all of us

On this day through history... Happy Father's Day!

Today, 2009, Greenland introduces self-rule

1945 – World War II: The Battle of Okinawa ends

1898 – The United States captures Guam from Spain

1991- little Danny stamps his hand for a Father's Day card

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Hope everyone can spend it with family, congrats to Jeff Weaver for the win over brother Jared yesterday at Angel's stadium.

Here's a quote from Jack Elway, John Elway's father: "John Elway is a great football player. He used to be my son. Now I'm his father".

June 17, 2009

Returning a Lost Wallet

An upbeat story for your summer, to offset the ratio of negativity in the news, enjoy. Leave a comment if you want by clicking below.

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I didn't want to go shouting this story and bragging after we did it, but I did think it was a good story to offset all the negativity in the media cycle. The point is that the world isn't that bad - cheer up.


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In Sports news, the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim may be the biggest surprise in the American League.
Bats are swinging as the halo is lit up in Anaheim for the sixth straight game

After a middle of the road start, the Los Angeles Angels have erupted into a red-hot halo flare of big bats and stellar pitching. After a sub-par start to the season, the Los Angeles Angels have become the hottest team in the American lead going into the upcoming All Star game.

In the past 14 games, Torii Hunter has exploded with a flurry of RBI's, including one 3-homerun game, bringing his season total to 16. Certainly baseball fans have been motivated over the past week to mark Torii's name in their All-Star ballots. The following game, mid-line slugger Juan Rivera had his own multi homerun game, hitting two.

This production as of late has been even more impressive considering big bat Vladimir Guerrero is finally starting to swing the bat in the way Angel's fans are accustomed to seeing.

After Wednesday's come back victory against the San Francisco Giants, the Angel's finished their second consecutive series sweep, and their sixth win in a row, also the same number of games over .500 for the first time this season. This comeback was in large part due to singles from the team's leading hitters, Guerrero and Hunter. in the eighth inning. This win was amplified by the defeat of NL phenom Tim Lincecum of the Giants. The loss was the first for Lincecum since April 12th when the Giants visited the Padres.

Chone Figgins also has rallied from a slump and looks to be one of the most impressive leadoff hitters in baseball, and is beginning to put together a small string of consecutive games getting on base. Figgins' double was the turning point for the Angel's rally at AT&T Park.

Angel's pitcher Kevin Jepsen earned his first Wednesday with strong support from relievers Brian Fuentes and Justin Speier. It seems that the hitting and pitching for the Angels has come into step left to right as the team looks ahead to a series against their LA rival Dodgers on Friday.

It will take a lot for Manager Mike Scisocia to keep his team focused and aggressive during the upcoming All-Star break. If the current trend continues, the Angel's will have some much needed momentum going into the second half of the season.

All statistics taken from angels.com.

Congrats to the Cal State Fullerton Titans baseball for another great year, falling short in a comeback against Virginia on June 15th, but still coming home with a young team that will be strong for the next few years, Go Titans!

In Episiode 5 of Putz and Garfunkel, Putz gets some book learning from Dr. Garfunkel as he returns to school. This is the fifth episode of the improvised comedy radio sketch series. Putz Goes to School (Book learnin'), Putz and Garfunkel #5. Performed by Danny, Grant, and Aaron.

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Video by Danny, we watch and listen as Valley college practices baseball, a plane flies low, and thunder booms with shots of live lightning on June 3rd, 2009 at 6:00 PM. Video and audio uploading...

Cal State Fullerton, which is ranked fourth by Baseball America, defeated Utah on Sunday night in front of a packed house at Goodwin Field in Fullerton, California.

The Utes finish their season with a 28-31 record while Fullerton (45-14) moves on to the Super Regional round. This marks the tenth trip to Super Regionals for Cal State Fullerton.

Fullerton freshman Tyler Pill earned his 11th win, only allowing three runs over eigh innings. For Utah, Stephen Streich (2-4) took the loss, allowing eight earned runs on 10 hits in four innings of work.

While the pitching was solid, it was the offense that propelled the Titans to victory.

Utah put up an impressive eight hits during the game, led by two hits from Michael Beltran. Utah player C.J. Cron drove in two of the Utes runs, he also smacked a solo home run to right field in the fourth inning to score first for Utah.

The Titans were on fire all night however, led by Khris Davis who finished with three hits, including a pair of home runs. A milestone was reached by Head Coach Dave Serrano, who earned his 200th career coaching victory as the Titans earned their ticket to the Super Regional round with a 16-3 victory. The packed house at Goodwin Field supported the offensive onslaught and players gave credit to the Orange Curtain after the game for adding extra enthusiasm to push the Titans into Super Regionals.

Three titans had three hits each, and every starter took a base at least once during this contest.

The Titans now wait to face Louisville next weekend. Louisville comes in ranked 12, Cal State Fullerton at 2. The Cardinals have matched a school record for wins in a single season this year with 47. Coming off an impressive victory against Vanderbilt at Jim Patterson Field, Louisville has momentum coming across the country to meet their Orange County opponents.

This series will get underway Friday at Goodwin field, at 10:03 Eastern time, and will be broadcast on ESPN2.

Louisville head coach Dan McDonnell is optimistic about his team’s chances, but the Titans will prove to be a formidable road block on the road to the 2009 College World Series. McDonnell is hoping that Junior Adam Duvall will take the reigns and develop leadership potential as the postseason continues. The series will continue on Saturday at 5:00 PM, and finish up Sunday at 10:00 PM.