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April 29, 2009  

Cozy Corner Season 2, Episode 7. Thanks to Twitter listeners for checking in repeatedly from MExico, Finland, China, and the UK. I appreciate the international appeal, and I do hope everyone is taking care of themselves out there,take a break from the media scare coverage and enjoy a laugh, thanks for listening!

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April 27, 2009  

Swine Flu continues to sweep accross Mexico, the US, and most rampantly - the American media. Three college students weigh in on the significance of another epidemic of medical hysteria. We hope those that are ill get better, but we also hope this isn't a complete reliving of the bird flu outbreak. Either way, wash your hands, and enjoy the show! Includes live field reporting from Danny near the Swine flu.
Show Contents:
-Swine flu and the overcoverage of the news media
-Canada Air pilot fails alcohol test before a flight
-Matt on Senior citizens climbing stairs
-The internet, Domino's Pizza youtube video, and privacy on the net, with Twitter at the helm

Thanks to Matt V for having us on the show, and Mark for joining in.

And with that, we'll keep an eye on the swine flu watch from a Southern California perspective, check back for updates, or subscirbe via itunes to Danny Hauger Podcasts


Hopefully everyone is getting the care that they need, espeially in Mexico where the flu is spreading most rapidly. Tuesday, April 28th. Mexico City, which is reported to be the epicenter, will hopefully get some help from other cuntries with medications to provide for its citizens.

April 24, 2009  

This mega sized episode of improv synthesizes childhood memories, sketch by Danny, Grant, and Aaron. We think back to what it would be like if we had met as kids. We talk about all aspects of grade school life including lunch, the playground, classroom shenanigans, art class, PE, Oregon trail, future expectations, taunts and teases, and the joys of being a kid. Take a moment and think about your own childhood, wenjoy this episode of Cozy Corner - Cozy Corner Kids!

This superchunk also includes:
One word Japanese
Did you ever?
Grace K and Marissa Duran play the Umm game

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April 22, 2009  

Happy Earth Day 2009! Enjoy this interview with Reverb co-founder Lauren Sullivan, Reposted from 2008, enjoy!

Reverb is an awesome coalition to drive eco friendly concerts, events, and earth awareness, supported by dozens of awesome acts in music, including Guster, one of the coolest bands out there...

Thanks for your time Lauren, more at reverbrock.org

Feel free to leave your Earth Day Message for the Cozy Corner COmmunity by clicking below...

April 20, 2009  

Got to give credit, fully produced by German (Norman Alexander), thanks for the promo man, made me laugh. Have a great week everyone. The Dow suffers its worst loss in two months, but Cozy Corner is constantly spiraling upward, subscribe on itunes: Danny Hauger Podcasts.

It's Comm Week on campus at Cal State Fullerton, tons of presentations going on, saw Marc Germain Last Night from talkradioone, good guy, have a great weeke everyone.


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April 18, 2009  

Live Performance from Danny Hauger on Saturday, April 18th, at 6:30 PM. The event was hosted by CSUF's society of women engineers. Video by Grant Mueller... Enjoy

Thanks to all who set up the event, and those that came to watch, always a great event, and glad to be invited back to participate again.

You can order my album "Return" for $3 via paypal to awesomehbk@cs.com

Have a great weekend all! On Twitter,

Live Performance from Danny Hauger on Saturday, April 18th, at 6:30 PM. The event was hosted by CSUF’s society of women engineers. Video by Grant Mueller… Enjoy

Thanks to all who set up the event, and those that came to watch, always a great event, and glad to be invited back to participate again.

You can order my album “Return” for $3 via paypal to awesomehbk@cs.com

Have a great weekend all! On Twitter,

April 10, 2009  


The Pristine Automation System attempts to cavalcade the show

Paul and Kate 2.0

"Super Saturday" The Exaggerated story of Danny's day. Narrated by Aaron Eastwood.

April 9, 2009  

RIP Nick Adenhart - The 22 year old pitcher dead after a car accident late Wednesday night in Fullerton, California. Listen below for more of the still developing details as of Thursday morning.
The accident took place only hours after the game, that ended after 10:20 PM Wednesday. A red minivan ran a red light, striking Adenhart's vehicle, killing three. The driver of that minivan tried to flee, and was later arrested by Fullerton police.
He pitched six incredible innings last night, his "shining moment". Adenhart was drafted in 2004, through ups and downs through the minor leagues, had his best career start against the Oakland Athletics Wednesday night in Anaheim.

The LA Angels will be holding a press conference at 10:30 AM PST, from Angels station
Hundreds of fans and supporters are showing up at the crime scene at the Orangethorpe / Lemon intersection of Fullerton, California.

I would like to think that Adenhart, at 22, called up once again to the Angels, my condolences to the family, the fans, and supporters.

Details broke yesterday that the two other passengers killed were Cal State Fullerton students. A second, separate car accident yesterday also critically injured a former Cal State Fullerton baseball player.

RIP Adenhart, Stewart, Pearson

April 3, 2009  

Fly or die, Here's the newest episode of Cozy Corner! Episode 3 of Season 2. Enjoy!

Going to the movies? Paul Rudd in I Love You man - not the worst way to go, if that's not a rousing encouragement, enjoy the newest (fully improvised) playdio, Cozy Corner - "Putz Takes Flight". Putz and Garfunkel travel to the pet store in hopes of replacing a pet bird.

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Looking for Danny Hauger live? Live guitar performance Saturday, April 19th at the SWE charity show. First (and maybe last) live show of 2009 from DHX. I'm on Twitter, http://twitter.com/dannyhauger