2009 March

Broadcast by Danny Hauger and Alex Jaich, with Producer German Alexander. This podcast for all the March Madness fans out there. Thanks to the Fullerton Titans for a great year! Best of luck to Seniors Marcio Lassiter and Josh Akognon! All support for your professional careers.

Here's the all anticipated rivalry game live from Titan Gym taking place on February 18th, 2009.

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I would like to take a moment to thank the CSU Fullerton chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists for their event held on campus last week, and for the award for "First Place in Radio Sports Reporting". It was a pleasure to be nominated, and a great moment to perform for everyone, thanks in particular to America Arias and Marytrini! You both did a great job on the event.

"Senior Danny Hauger received an award from the Society of Professional Journalism for best

Sports Reporting broadcast of 2008-2009. Danny served as the play-by-play broadcaster for the

Fullerton Titans home men's basketball games this season. America Arias presented the award to

Hauger and the crowd was treated to an impromptu guitar performance as the crowd sang along.

Danny accepted the award on behalf of Titan Radio, where he serves as General Manager. He

thanked Dr. Lee Bentley and Eraj Shadaram for their support and help with his entries. He

encouraged all students to take advantage of the great resources on campus, citing Titan Radio

and Titan Communicatons as prime examples. He thanked the SPJ for providing such a great event

and supporting student projects, and ended with a "Go Titans" as he walked off the stage. Danny

has been at Titan Radio for four semester, promoted from News Director to Program Director, and

now to General Manager. He is a Radio, Television, and Film Major with a minor in Human


Akognon drops the biggest game of his career in a win against the Highlanders of UC Riverside. Fullerton's Quest for the 2009 NCAA Tournament Continues Tonight College Basketball Heats Up Out West By Danny Hauger After Josh Akognon's redemption Wednesday night with 37 points leading the Titans to victory, two more games separate the Titans from a repeat visit to the 2009 March Madness Tournament.

Akognon's 37 point performance included a record 9 three point baskets, and starter Ray Miller led the defensive stance which held Riverside to a stifled second half, as the Titans coasted to victory. The Orange Curtain in attendance had enough volume to compensate for a lack of class as vigorous taunts and chants of MVP for the #1 jersey in blue and orange.

Tonight's match-up brings UC Santa Barbara with a new set of challenges. UCSB finished 5th in conference, with an overall record of 15-14. Santa Barbara and Fullerton both had mediocre years in conference, but one game changing performance could likely be the difference tonight. The Big West Tournament is in full swing in Anaheim, California.


Will Fullerton Rise to the Occasion of TItans? It's been a long, and at times frustrating journey for the Titans of Cal State Fullerton. After last year's success of sharing the Big West Conference league championship, making to the March Madness Tournament for the first time in 30 years, and watching alumni Bobby Brown succeed in the Big West NCAA Men's Basketball Kicks Off Tonight Date: March 12, 2009 Anaheim, CA United States of America ranks of professionals with the Sacramento Kings, expectations for this year were higher than ever in CSUF's history.

Such high expectations have sometimes placed a lens of doubt around this year's younger, and sometimes floundering squad. With individual talent sometimes surpassing the need for team play, the Titans have struggled to reamin at .500 and failed to protect their home court at Titan Gym. NBA talk over star senior Joshua Akognon has come and gone, and may spark again if the senior leader can rally his team starting tonight. Akognon is a rare find, a tremendous scorer with a great attitude on and off the court. He's a focused individual and has his head screwed on straight, though perhaps he should move it left or right and pass the ball off more often than fading away from 23 feet.

Team mate development from Jacques Streeter, Gerard Anderson, and Aaron Thompson have lately picked up a lot of responsibility sharing and the team has since developed a breadth of weapons to dissuade som of the pressure from their captain's shoulders. Shot blocker Ray Miller and Marcio Lassiter have also brought energy at times from the bench to make the difference in key wins this year.

Tonight's match-up against the Bruins of U.C. Riverside will test the team offense of Fullerton, which needs this game, and the Big West Tournament, if they want a shot at the big time this year, and if Akognon is to have a true chance of becoming an NBA draft pick.

Farewell to Paul Harvey, a pioneer of the radio industry, thank you for your contributions to the medium of radio. Paul Harvey (1918 -2009). Cozy Corner is Back! With intro from Brian McKnight

Another real radio moment: farewell to KLSX FM talk radio in Los Angeles, California. for that matter, all the part timers who made that station look good at promo events. Best wishes to all the line workers, board ops, and salespeople that made KLSX what it was. DJ's on air at that station include Adam Corolla, Frosty Heidi and Frank, Tom Leykis, and more that will now have to re-invent themselves elsewhere. Another hit taken for talk radio in the increasingly heated battle between conglomerate bottom lines and the search for quality talk radio.

Welcome Back to Cozy Corner, Grab a snack and enjoy season 2, episode One, "Autotune" . This episode recorded in Fullerton and Stockton, California. This episode features:


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On another note, my thoughts and prayers to all those who have lost loved ones in the recent plane crashes accross the United States and the world, why do things happen in clusters? There was seven crashes in the last eleven days. Best of senses to all pilots out there!

Have a great week everyone!