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Improvised radio episode 4, Putz and Garfunkel take a trip to the Pharmacy to help Putz recover from his not so common cold.
If you're sick, take care of yourself. Enjoy some completely improvised comedy radio from Cozy Corner studios.

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Men's basketball postgame show. Regrettably, only defeat to report tonight, from Titan Gym in Fullerton, California. Long Beach wins 75-74. Heartbreaker. Postgame hosted by Norman Alexander, with help from Alex Jaich, Danny H.auger, and James Melau.
pregame excitement:

postgame disappointment:

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Tune in for the final live game of the season at home, March 7th against UC Irvine, live on www.titanradio.org.

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Happy Valentine's Day!

In this episode, Putz drags Garfunkel to a speed dating seminar. An initially uninterested Garfunkel finds romance and success gathering phone numbers as Putz wonders about Astronomy and reasons why he can't find a partner. Tune in and listen to our two friends as they search for love in a world they don't belong in.

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Miss the game last night? Here's a 3 minute re-cap!
With music provided by DHX, some of last night's (January 31st) big moments and big shots as the Titans pick up their first home conferennce win of the season, and their third straight victory.
-Play by play by Danny Hauger, color commentary Alex Jaich, board op Zerman (Happy Superbowl Birthday man!!)
Highlights include: coach Bob Burton, low 3 pt %, last second win against Long Beach, Kyle Austin leads the highlanders, offene=sive rebounding, and the senior leader Josh Akognon

Tune in live for the next basketball broadcast, February 5th vs UC Santa Barbara, and Feb. 7th vs Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, check out www.titanradio.org , and catch your highlights here at the podcast!

Titan Internet Radio takes on basketball Fans can listen to basketball games at titanradio.org

Sergio Cabaruvias

Daily Titan Staff Writer Print this article Share this article

Published: Sunday, February 1, 2009

Updated: Monday, February 2, 2009

Cal State Fullerton men’s basketball fans will not have to miss any home games now that they can tune in at TitanRadio.org.

As of mid-January, Titan Internet Radio began broadcasting live play-by-play commentary from the court of every men’s basketball home game to raise awareness for the radio station and the men’s basketball team.

“After last year’s big win in the Big West Conference, it got me thinking ‘Why isn’t Titan Radio at the basketball games if we are the campus radio station?” Danny Hauger, general manager of Titan Internet Radio, said.

Hauger garnered the support of the station's technical director, Herman Aguilera, to aid in the configuration of the equipment used.

“I think it’s a great opportunity for all of us to learn. At first I wanted to get on and do some of the commentary. But then I saw there was a need in order for it to be a good production, for someone to stay back and manage the board. I felt I was better suited [in the station,]” Aguilera said.

Together the two began using the free computer-to-computer calling-program Skype and the Cal State Fullerton's free wireless internet service to send the commentary from the court to the radio station, which is located in the basement of the Pollak Library South, Room 51.

“We‘ve had that together for three games now, so it’s pretty solid. It sounds good and we’re live,” Hauger said.

The play-by-play commentary is given by Hauger, who has over a year and a half commentating experience from the Dominican University of California.

The color commentary between plays is volunteered by 18-year-old communications major Alex Jaich.

“I think the players are starting to recognize us a little bit. Josh Akognon came down to talk to us in the studio after one of the games. He actually took time to walk across campus to come down. I thought that was tremendous,” Hauger said.

As for on the court, Titan basketball player Jacques Streeter said that he and his teammates are unaffected by the broadcast while on the court, but it is beneficial for fans.

“I like it a lot. It gives our fans a chance to know what’s happening during the games and get a feel for the energy,” Streeter said.

Associate Head Coach Andy Newman echoed Streeter's statement.

“Anything that can get Fullerton basketball out there more in the community, I think is awesome. It’s good for our program to get as many people involved. We have a group of a couple hundred boosters, real loyal fans, and not all of them can get to the games, but I know they’re listening,” Newman said.

The future ambitions of the Titan Internet Radio team have set sights on covering other teams as well.

“A good way to start is with the men’s since they are coming off a really good season. We’ll see how people like it, if they like the broadcast and everything. If things are going well with the men’s, it’s a good way to break in the audience. And if the audience is there then later, hopefully, we can start doing women’s basketball," Aguilera said.

Hauger wants Titan Radio to move forward and start covering CSUF's top sport.

“One of my goals in the future is to get us doing baseball,” Hauger said.

Because of scheduling conflicts, new technical challenges and larger color commentary demand, covering baseball on titanradio.org will be a greater challenge but a major accomplishment, Hauger said.

The next live broadcast of men's basketball will be of a game against University of California Santa Barbara on February 18th, at 7:05 against rivals Long Beach. Don't Miss It!