2009 January

Episode 2 of completely improvised comedy. Performed by Danny Hauger (Putz) and Grant Mueller (Dr. Garfunkel).

One situation sparked this 20+ minutes of improvised radio comedy, thanks for listening!

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Pop / Soul singer Ele talks with Danny Hauger about transitioning from Sweden to the United States, her musical background and future aspirations, the Stockholm Jazz Festival (breaking the Guinness record for longest consecutive jam for a jazz set), her work with Stevie Wonder, and life in California.

Aired live on www.titanradio.org Thursday, January 28th, 2008.

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No, we don't have the new Obama dolls, even the Obama dolls don't really seem to be Obama dolls...but Titan Internet Radio is currently accepting Spring 2009 DJ applications! That's a ton better anyways, enjoy the promo. No crash landing required.

Attention viral marketers: Feel free to put this podcast out there on the interwebs!

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Titan Basketball Live! Tune into www.titanradio.org on Saturday night to listen to my live play-by-play for NCAA men's basketball action as Cal State Fullerton takes on the Bruins of UC RIverside at Titan Gym, tip off is set for 6:05

The pilot to a new comedy series, "Putz and Garfunkel" . It is a playdio ( A play made for radio), written by Danny Hauger and Grant Mueller, recorded and edited by Danny Hauger, copyright 2008.

Enjoy this first episode as we meet our two characters after their first night in their new apartment. Lenard Putz gives Dr. Garfunkel (Cozy Corner) a ride to "Di$count Doctorz", for his checkup. Join the two friends as they journey through the car ride, check-up, and return as we get to know our protagonists.

Enjoy the show!

Here's a video of a recent jam session, enjoy

A talk with Hollywood and College Dialect Coach, Dr. David Alan Stern.

The interview was aired Thursday, January 15th on www.titanradio.org

Thanks to Dr. Stern for his time, insights, and entertaining stories.

Enjoy this interview with a dialect coach and Professor at the University of Connecticut. He talks with us about his life, his work in dialect research and instruction, his career in Hollywood, and his continued work in Speech and dialect studies.

--------------------------------- Congratulations to our 44th President, Barrack Obama!

Wishing the best in judgement, reasoning, morality, attitude, reception, and decision making for the next four or eight years! And let it be a reminder to all:
1) Our country is great for its peaceful transition of power, and
2) To always memorize your lines when reading oaths of any importance

January 14, 2009

Grant and Danny’s

All the explanations to cliches you never understood, featuring the letter A for January, listen and enjoy, suibsrice to us through itunes: Danny hauger Podcasting.
For all fo those in need of a new year's calendar, here's on on us!

American singer/songwriter Glen Phillips take time out of his drive time to talk with Danny Hauger on Friday morning, 1/9/09.

The discussion recaps the first live Works Progress Administration performance in Los Angeles, the Santa Barbara gig, Glen's songwriting process, Glen's recent arm injury, and the state of music today.

Come and visit today!

Written by Danny and Grant

Performed by Grant and Danny

Edited by Danny

More fun than being removed from your Senate seat, don't eat the meatloaf, and bring your rent-a-family


A simple song for a simple resolution for 2009. Happy New Year everyone! Have a great year! Sunscribe to itunes via the links to the right, and bookmark us!

Also, enjoy a new video take of "Jackson Valley" in a new tuning,

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