2008 September

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September 29, 2008  

The final episode of the show that started the podcast.

We talk about off beat news, and Google turning 10 years old, technology in general, and then....

The big discussion comes in the last 30 minutes, when we talked about 17 questions to spark discussion with your partner, enjoy and thanks for all the support!

Thanks to all callers, especially Steve, Beau, and Nic. Thanks for making the show what it was!

TUne in for more Danny Hauger broadcasts coming soon...

September 22, 2008  

Jerry (Jessie) sits in.

John visits Nastia and Shawn from the USA gymnastic team. We talk about a church taking place in a bar. Offbeat news, John's weekend, Danny's audition with the band Nasty Little Habit. Travis Barker's planeride.

September 15, 2008  

The ensemble cast comes in to derail the show!

We also talk CSUF and NFL Football, cosmo, and the show is wrecked!

Plus, the macarena.

September 8, 2008  

Jim Croce was an unmatched singer songwriter who made his name with such timeless classics as "Bad, Bad, Leroy Brown", and "Time in a Bottle".

The late Jim Croce's widow was gracious enough to grant me an interview on Monday, September 9th, from Titan Radio studios.

In memory and honor of Jim Croce (1943-1973).

When in San Diego, visit Croce's Restaurant and Blues house : )

September 8, 2008  

Two Cal State Fullerton students rant on everything relevant to college and American life.

-Embarrasing moments -Fudge packing -Product Placement -Wierding Out Girls -Offbeat news stories -End with meta tag discussion