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5.8 Earthquake centered in Chino Hills…

5.8 Earthquake centered in Chino Hills…

July 29, 2008

(12:04 pm)

About 12 minutes ago, with no warning, a fairly moderate earthquake hit (estimated epicenter of Chino Hills, California.)

The shaking lasted about 12-18 seconds, and the building shook and wobbled a bit, here on the 3rd floor of the complex.

My speakers fell off the shelves, books on the floor, cabinet doors opened, my roommates snare drum fell off from its stand, and his desk lamp fell off.

Things are ok here at the intersection of the 57 freeway and Nutwood avenue.

Staying put for afterschocks, trying to stay calm despite new reports of a 5% chance this was a pre-shock....

more reports soon...fine in Fullerton as of now...


------------- Updated...2:14 p.m

Over two and a half hours following the initial Chino Hills Quake, I have felt two small aftershocks less than about three seconds each. the extent of the damage seems to be very limited in Fullerton and around Orange.

Downgraded risk of another larger quake, according to CBS news.

In response to Araceli: Your family in Fullerton is likely to be just fine, possibly a few loose ends shaken loose onto the ground. it was a moderate jolt, but did little more than move a few things around. Everyone here in our apartment complex is just fine, no major damage, no pictures reported even falling off the walls. Hope this helps, phone line situation should be improving shortly.

To others: refrain from using your phone, as to leave that cell bandwidth available for those in emergency situations.

Everyone here in the apartment complex is doing fine,

More to come....

-------------- (email report from relative in Irvine, California, 2:40 p.m.)


It rocked and rolled here in Irvine. Scary… but I am fine. --------------- (update 2:47 pm)

Still good here in Fullerton at the intersection of the 57 freeway and nutwood avenue.

My girlfriend drove straight through during the earthquake, driving the 60 freeway east. She said she didn't feel he quake, nor did it upset the flow of traffic in any noticeable way on that freeway.

Power, gas, and water functioning normally in my own apartment.

Nextdoor, business as usual at El Tarasco Mexican Restaurant, a few customers were present during the shake. The owner advised all to stay calm and indoors, no one was hurt. A few things were moved from shelves but everyone is alright.

Cell phone coverage restored to my phone (AT&T), Brea mall was shut down for a short time.

Governer Scwarzaneggar has committed any suport neccessary to damaged areas.

Television news still covering largely Los Angeles.

Besides losses to storefronts and soda bottles, things look to be forunate that there have not yet been any reported fatalaties.

Stay safe and gather your loved ones and emergency preparedness kits if available. Stay in doorways or under desks, INSIDE a shelter, if you feel any aftershocks. ----------

(Update 3:43)

things have continued to calm down in Orange County. The news has changed focus from preparing from another quake today, shifting more towards points of preparation for the future.

Good idea to check those kits in your home and make sure you are prepared with water, food, medicine, etc.

More to come..... --------------

(Update 7/30/08 7:54 pm)

Things have resume normality after yesterday's quake.

Some minor structural damage reported in neighborhoods in Yorba Linda.

Observation: News reports revert from actually caring about (reporting) the fate of the damaged areas, is once again back to scaring you about future potential and making you unnerved once again about everything in the community. Way to go media, way to go.

Still, a blessing of no reported fatalities, thankful for that.

-------- update 10:24 pm, 7/30/08

Suddenly my podcast is earthquake watch.

3.0 Magnitude quake hit a half hour ago centered in Yorba Linda California.

more to come.....

Eggs, Meat, Pears, Bananas

Eggs, Meat, Pears, Bananas

July 28, 2008

The next big internet sensation fad starts today, and its just as dumb as anything you've ever wasted your time with before.

Loop and enjoy (responsibly)


p.s. I'm sorry.

G&D’s Automated Automotive Major Motor Maker Markdowns

G&D’s Automated Automotive Major Motor Maker Markdowns

July 25, 2008

"That last one's in dollars and cents!..."

Written by Danny Hauger

Produced by Grant Mueller

In/Out Announcer credit: Aaron Eastwood

(Titan Talk returns late August, 6:00 to 7:00 PM PST)

Thanks for listening, Bookmark with (Ctrl + D), come back often, and thanks to Podbean

- Danny

G&D’s Wholistic Haven for Hardcore Hooligan Studies

G&D’s Wholistic Haven for Hardcore Hooligan Studies

July 25, 2008

"Learn everything there is to know about becoming the little terror your parents always feared you would be..."

From the people who brought your G&D's Automated Automotive Major Motor Maker Markdowns.

Written by Danny Hauger and Grant Mueller.

Produced by Danny Hauger.

Updates, CSU tuition, CSUF # 1, and Don’t support ARN

Updates, CSU tuition, CSUF # 1, and Don’t support ARN

July 23, 2008

  1) CSU System Raises tuition 10%


2) CSU Fullerton is number one in California for degrees to Hispanic students! 


3) THE ARN - Or American Radio Network - They're just legit enough to get by, but really is an overall scam of people with high hopes...more to come

4) Summer fun at Huntington Beach - solo frisbee


More to come...

Batman : The Dark Knight (and CAL cell phone PSA)

Batman : The Dark Knight (and CAL cell phone PSA)

July 19, 2008

Movie review - Wall-E Was amazing!

So we went out to cover the Dark Knight, surprise!  Sold out, way to prepare, I know.

But it ended up being a great thing to happen, for we saw the newest Disney Pixar film, WALL-E.

This is the best Pixar film since Toy Story, a 93 minute whirlwind of beautiful visuals and character modeling that could entertain anyone from age 4 to 400.  Spectacular story told through limited vocals, expansive modeling, and body language of futuristic robots and an planet earth in need of a complete revamping.

Overall WALL-E is a great movie with a terrific sense of stewardship and morality.  I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good film, animation, or story.  Pixar has re-affirmed its strongholf on quality CGI animation with this outstanding production.

Check back soon for new postings, including a new audio urban dictionary from grant and Danny!

Click to listen to our Cell phone law in California PSA...

Summer Fun at the Titan Talk Podcast Page

Summer Fun at the Titan Talk Podcast Page

July 15, 2008

Some crazy stuff going on.  Have a great Summer!

Man, that sucks about the electric car.  Use the below page to search the site.

Here are some predictions for the next few months (not that I do or don't want these things)  Tune into the first Titan Talk in Auguste to see how accurate the predictions were.

-The goodwill on Chapman still overprices things ($10 for a deflated, popped basketball?)

-Budweiser sells to overseas

-MIcrosoft eventually buys Yahoo

-NL beats AL in baseball's All-Star Game

-Laker's lose the finals -Obama becomes President. - Gas hits $5

- I get a second job.

_CSUF stops taking transfers

Titan Radio Sweeper Show Episode 1

Titan Radio Sweeper Show Episode 1

July 9, 2008

Hosted by Danny Hauger and Grant Mueller, soon to be appended with more sweepers

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