2008 May
May 19, 2008

Titan Talk 5-19-08

Weekend recaps, how John and Dan celebrated the end of the spring semester.

The big discussion of the show falls around the 30 minute mark, the top 10 indications you might be whipped by your girlfriend (or boyfriend), offbeat news, and show close.

...and his screenplay "Project Weedwacker", performed by the author.  Music and production by Danny Hauger.

"Dr. Pow, who is half plant...half evil"  

Happy 21st Birthday! - Start the show with a clip montage, and John presents the first of many presents.

  •  First call - Kd breaks my ear drums (5:20).
  • Video store sold us expired Kennel Corn
  • Review of the film, The Mist (spoiler alert)
  • Politics, Obama in the lead by superdelegates, Limbaugh effect, why we don't talk Politics (10:00-12:00), world issues and interdepndance
  • Then we talk about America and the love of seeing stars develop (Miley Cyrus, Spears, Lohan, American Idol, Magic, John goes off on Bill Clinton) and then tearing them down in the public eye. (12:37)

26 minutes in, transition from titan news back to Titan Talk

  • Thinking back to high school daze, prom kings and a queen, Parents party in parking lot
  • Would you go back to high school if you could?
  • John and football memories, "There are a lot worse 'C' words"
  • Classes, grading scale discussion on plusses and minuses, and pass/fail grades, Tom checks in on the phones
  • Incentives that drive life and the will to progress in life


the Birthday Extravaganza Begins (44 minute mark)

  • Start the celebration of the 21st, I had a really great time
  • It's a Hobo Christmas, John Lam!
  • Out comes the Christmas bag, complete with John Lam's Christmas card still attached, awesome
  • Re-gifting to the oldies
  • Guitar
  • Biscuit from last night's dinner "If you don't eat it, I'll have it"
  • Old Maxim Magazine
  • Rainbow 6 for the PC, broken case, runs on Windows 95!!
  • And a sweet 2003 guitar tab book
  • a hat
  • Half-used word search
  • And of coarse, 3 feet of fun! "Can't beat 3 feet!"
  • John then reads a selection from Maxim about what your favorite drink says about you
  • The end of the show got cut off, LAME

Great show tho, thanks for all the Birthday Wishes, Enjoy

God bless us everyone!

2 Hours left, some thoughts on saying goodbye to 20.

This year I...

-Came to Cal State Fullerton -Got an apartment -Watched all the Rocky movies -Saw the Gin Blossoms live and got backstage -wrote a lot of music -met new friends -Started a new radio show -Hypothesized Britney Spears whole life is scripted and planned out -Sold my xbox -drove 8,000 miles -Played three stage shows -Picked up a minor in Computer Science -Interviewed at Corporate for a fortune 500 -watched the Kings trade Mike Bibby -Went through 3 air mattresses -Learned to cook more than eggs and hash browns -Came up with a few inventions -Wrote my radio icon -discovered Toad the Wet Sprocket, Tom Petty, and others -watched Kobe Bryant grab the MVP award -Won a debate tournament with Matt as my partner -predicted Obama (not that I want any candidate, just saying) -Got a digital converter box -Freelance writing for consumer responses -Started with InRoads -Was promoted to Program Director (if Grant wants it back he's welcome to it, as long as there's a place for me) -Paid for my own tuition -Didn't have to wear a uniform -Sold a guitar -left Stockton again -bought a Mother's day present -watched the TItans in the NCAA tournament -wrote an outline for a screenplay -Got sponsored by podbean.com -Planned a birthday show intro for 21

-Try to make money.

Sweet deal

You can enter! Email titanradio-program@fullerton.edu

Enter now for a chance to be featured on future promo items, and use of your tagline for Titan Radio!

Cal State Fullerton ranked 13 nationally, Baseball, Big West, Oakland Athletics Baseball,

NBA playoff action, Danny predicts Lakers sweep Jazz and Spurs come back on the Hornets. Discussion: Does an NBA coach really matter?

Happy Cinco De Mayo!

We discuss the history of Cinco De Mayo, and Mexico's Independence Day.

We dive into many topics....including:

a girl wets her pants, dealing with the police on the road, trying to withdraw 36 billion with a fake check, pictures with eyes closed, Steve drinking from age 6, worker in Japan fired for porn.... a lot of porn...., Meghan comes in with a story of her 21st, and advice for Danny on his celebration. India throws their babies off buildings to make them stronger, babies and Steve Irwin, babies and Michael Jackson, working odd jobs, working weekends, and close with the history of faith.

Monday May 5th, 2008. The Daily Titan's reporter Tom Sherridan sits down for an interview with Danny Hauger and John Lam for an upcoming feature profile for the newspaper.

We sat down with Tom Monday before our show.

Interviewed by Tom Sherridan on May 5th, 2008.

Interviewed by Tom Sherridan on May 5th, 2008.

Interviewed by Tom Sherridan, May 5th, 2008.

Eudora is a band out of Orange County.

On Monday, May 5th, Kevin Connor called into Titan Talk, this is the interview from the show.