2008 April

Back to live streaming, good work Aaron!

Cub-scouts visiting the "pre-show". We talk about our weekends.

John: Skinny Cow and Jack, broken jaw, working in Pomona, adult expo, emo convention, dirty cars,

Danny: Victorville, 102 degree apartment in Fullerton, Procrastination? Arrested Development, film festival - CSU vs USC.

Then we talked about wacky priests, priest takes floating away on a bunch of balloons, where is he? And they say we're not a free nation, we let a guy go up in balloons! John and quota on dirty language and limited drug references (24:32).

John's story about popping the question with balloons (34:00).

300 pound inmate sues jail over nutrition in Arkansas.

We discuss the unfortunate event at Sea World (36:00) and the passing of Sharkey the Dolphin in Orlando, Sharky was 30 years old.

My Performance at the SWE Talent Show, April 19th, 2008.


Titan talk takes it up a notch, with 25% more yelling and light-headedness.

This episode includes:

John's weekend, river stories, veloceraptor impressions, Warcraft, and offbeat news.

Danny's lost ring (what a jerk!), food hunting, and talent show talk,

April 17, 2008

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To my broadcast hero and icon, Mike Source, aka "Don Geronimo", for your career and inspiration, for making me laugh every day for over ten years of listening, for giving your life to the audience, and for leaving on your own terms, and for exemplifying what a great broadcaster could be,

Thank you sir....

I'm 20 years old and have been listening since days when I shouldn't have been because of the show content. I have listened and picked up countless tips and insights in broadcasting and the way a man manages his own life. Thanks Don, thank you for giving yourself to your work for all those years. I only hope I can achieve one-tenth of the success you have.

Thank you.

April 15, 2008

The Kate and Danny Show

March 15th, 2008.

-We talk about life in school, life after college, moving to new places, the importance of friendship, the potential of being young, and other things.

April 15, 2008

4-15 Burger PSA 2

Kate and Danny

April 15, 2008

Job Fair PSA 4-14-08

Kate and Danny

with Dan and John

Lots of offbeat news, including:

-Do you like oysters? -College class off to a brothel -Meghan Perez stops in -musicals and laughing at the wrong times -Comm week -double-dipping -John's Dad's birthday, and buying dad presents -how's your homework coming John? (dorkness) -

playing dead, failed robberies, Danny spends half an hour looking for a dud song, show runs out of material. Don't Go Away!

Stream probably down, thanks for coming here to listen! Happy birthday Amanda (12:30)!

-Weekend chat, is Danny cheap? Talent show audition, Real news, Pittman talk, offbeat news -The guys sing hymnals, kind of -(3:00)teaching John's dog to swim -(4:00) pool guys and gal chemistry like a dance floor -(6:00) Welcome to CSU Fullerton Day, tours, Danny's weekend -(9:20) Reverb mentions me (us), visit www.reverbrock.org for more, Nature Note for the week - (11:35) is Danny cheap? (and he didn't steal a mug) -(13:10) Walk hard movie review Start the news.

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