2008 March

John, Danny, and Mario talk about pick-up lines, what habits are good in a relationship, and what women want.

Mario comes in as a guest, 3 guys on two mics, madness, Easter weekend, review of Accross the Universe, Mario on NCAA Football

Cal State Fullerton vs. Wisconsin breakdown.  NCAA tournament picks to win each division. Houston Rockets storming @ 22 straight wins, NBA PLayoffs Picture.  Sports and news from around the country.

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This interview took place Tuesday, March 18th, 2008.

Danny Hauger talks with Lauren Sullivan, Co-Director of the non-profit organization Reverb.

Recorded Live 3-17-07  

History and fun facts on this St. Patrick's Day!

Danny and John take on two girls in basketball, and almost lose, John Lennon, Cal State Fullerton makes the NCAA tourney! Weekend talk, "Beat Your Lam", Quizzes and ticket giveaway.  Also calls from Mario and Jess, John likes N-SYNC, courtesy about body odor, and more...

Late night phoner into a Friday night program, following a ten minute caller about haircuts

March 13, 2008

DHX - Jackson Valley

Recorded  March 13th, No editing done, straight to podbean.com.

Made me think about driving up to Jackson, thus the name

NBA news, Wade out for the season, Kings beat the Lakers, thoughts on the playoffs, CSUF Titan Sports, Basketball tri-championchip, awards, Baseball season updates, NFL offseason

March 11, 2008

Titan Rewards PSA

PSA for Basketball Rewards Program at CSUF

March 10, 2008

Titan Talk 3-10-08

Wake-up @ 4 AM to make the show @ 5 pm, weekend fun, new friends, phones are broken...bummer,  bad fish sandwhich, lots of AIMS, Lam tries out pole dancing,

 We also bust out a new bit: "Beat Your Lam"!

Danny was a lame little kid, Danny and John Freestyle - really lame white guys can't rhyme so good....., Santa Cruz skimboarding story, Lam: "What are your fears?", Lam: Worst and weirdest jobs, giving up things for Lent, Offbeat news including hawks, sins, and lies to get out of work.

Favre retires, March madness, Cal State Fullerton Basketball & Baseball, NBA talk (Lakers v Kings matchup), MLB preview and more

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