2008 February

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February 26, 2008  

Hosted by Tom Sheridan and Dan Hauger,

 NBA talk, Big West basketball challenge, Yao is out, Baseball Spring training, team loyalties

February 25, 2008  

"We're back" - Part 1 = Two week break, weekend stuff, jackson, going home, Bo Wang phoner, emmys and razzies, most embarrassing moment start

February 25, 2008  

Part 2 = A lot of phone calls, more most embarrasing moments, tons of offbeat stories including a cake brought by John Lam


 Thanks for sitting in Susanna, sorry your goodbye got cut off somehow - be back next Monday

February 11, 2008  

We forgot to record our one-hour show, here is a post-show phoner with Dan and John, live show returning 2-25-08.  Thanks for all the calls today.

February 4, 2008  

SuperBowl recap, biggest rip-offs, lots of offbeat news, and your calls Season 2 Episode 2