Titan Talk - “Sharkieeeeeee!!!”

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April 28, 2008  

Back to live streaming, good work Aaron!

Cub-scouts visiting the "pre-show". We talk about our weekends.

John: Skinny Cow and Jack, broken jaw, working in Pomona, adult expo, emo convention, dirty cars,

Danny: Victorville, 102 degree apartment in Fullerton, Procrastination? Arrested Development, film festival - CSU vs USC.

Then we talked about wacky priests, priest takes floating away on a bunch of balloons, where is he? And they say we're not a free nation, we let a guy go up in balloons! John and quota on dirty language and limited drug references (24:32).

John's story about popping the question with balloons (34:00).

300 pound inmate sues jail over nutrition in Arkansas.

We discuss the unfortunate event at Sea World (36:00) and the passing of Sharkey the Dolphin in Orlando, Sharky was 30 years old.

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