Laddering Unplugged Exclusive Acoustic Version

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January 8, 2018  

This is an exclusive version of "Laddering" to celebrate the relea

se of my new album. Thanks to all the new listeners and subscribers in 2018! Happy New Year! Music in this channel is written, recorded, and produced by Danny Hauger. Download this live, unplugged version of "Laddering" free on Danny Hauger Podcasts. Watch the video on YouTube!

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"Laddering" lyrics and Music Copyright Danny Hauger 2018
I may not always be the strongest
But I like to think I’m quick
On my feet, and to make good decisions
And thats the thing that makes me think.

One Day I won’t be here anymore
I’m moving up, and moving out.

Do we choose our own philosophies?
Or who to follow from the heart?
Are we free to cross distinctions
Can we blame ourselves, for where others start?

A little cold, a little lonely.
But I’m getting bolder every day.

Is this the end or the beginning?
And how long will be the road?
The questions answer lead to more and more questions.
And you’re still finding who you are.

I’m laddering - I’m trying to move up.

So if you hear me knocking let me in
If you hear me playing, lend an ear.
If you see my shining, then let me lead you.
If you see me coming, let me in.
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