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March 10, 2017  

College selection is a stressful and trying time for high schoolers looking to take the next step on their academic and personal journeys. Today I spoke with nearly 200 high school students in Martinez about their goals and wishes for their future. I was surprised how many students asked me what the most important factors were for choosing a college. I was glad to supply them with 5 fundamental reasons to consider before selecting a college to attend or apply to and I am happy to share them in this conversational podcast with Mr. Hauger, a first in a series. Thanks for listening!


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March 8, 2017  

I love listening to Comedy Bang Bang! Hosted by Scott Aukerman, and with some of the funniest people in the world appearing at least weekly for improve comedy, this was just the kind of radio program I wanted to play in the sandbox of growing into college radio back at Titan Radio days. I had been a listener to the Comedy Bang Bang podcast for four years, and a viewer of the TV show when it was on as well. As a passionate listener, I always love how the show makes me laugh, for free, and shares so much joy with the world, on a much less successful level this is what the goal of my music (www.dannyhauger.com) has been. Two weeks ago I wrote a few catch phrase submissions for Comedy Bang Bang! and in a one-off, a 3-take recording of a plugs song, which was featured on episode 474 as the plugs theme, and its one of the favorite things that have happened in my 10 years of making music. Thanks Scott and the team at CBB, you make my day often!

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March 2, 2017  

Milestones Lyrics and Music by Danny Hauger (Free song a week challenge #8 of 52, #songaweek)

Measuring up to a new milestone,

Imagine the distance that you have come.

If I was the first star up,

I’m the last to burn out.

Forgive and regret, they don’t bother you,

That’s why you keep to yourself,

Worry less about the stress in your life,

Realize this is your one and only life.

Worry less about the stress in your life,

Realize this is your one and only life.

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February 1, 2017  

Bass guitar roll call with a spacy blue pad and reverb drum kit. This is a slow groove. I stayed the urge to layer a dozen synth or keys on top, instead, just 2. Mainly one lone Bb keybaord to set the tone for the track. Most of the melody is actually carried out by the bass guitar, which is unusual for my studio, I hope you like the track! Its the 5th free song of the year! Danny Hauger Here in Spirit Instrumental Free Song a Week #5 of 52 2017 #SongaWeek Challenge. 

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December 7, 2016  

Danny Hauger is featured on this week's "Groundbreaking Indie Artists" interview with Coco! Coco Loavo is a radio host, voice artist, and music enthusiast who has been working for 18 years to spotlight up and coming talent. In this edition, Coco asks California Bay Area Guitarist about his new album, "Swan Dive", 10 years of podcasting, life with a new baby, and the changing nature of the independent music scene.

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November 5, 2016  
I am grateful to the world, and to Podbean,com for their support and bandwidth to help college students like me start a podcast, reach an audience, and in my case, give away more than 100,000 free downloads from my music studio! It has been a pleasure and an honor to promote Podbean, for being such a trailblazing company, and offering people a voice to the world. I have been a fan of their services since the beginning, and I have thanked them numerous times for their service.

If this is the last Danny Hauger Podcast, then THANK YOU Podbean, and thanks to all the listeners out there! You can follow me on Twitter @DHXmusic

Enjoy the weekend!
March 31, 2016  

Automobile enthusiasts, start your podcast engines for a special edition of Danny Hauger Travel presents the California Automobile Museum in Sacramento! This visit contains live audio and features our visit with Bob, a knowledgeable docent of the museum. Join Danny Hauger and James Ryan as we journey back in time to explore some of the history not only of automobile history, but of historic California and American culture. A history of the museum itself is given as well that is fascinating. A special announcement about second Saturday tours as well!

I know that I will be returning with friends and family members to share the memories and exhibits with them. There is a lot to see for people of all ages. Its a great walk through memory lane and the accomplishments of many great innovators through history. I loved seeing the 1911 Electric car and to think about what the future may hold for automotive excellence as well. 

Plus, if you love classic cars, you can own one from their consignment gallery!

Come and visit! Rev your engines and come visit the California Automotive Museum and send your imagination to a time of automotive ingenuity that laid the roadway to the future of transit. This museum is an amazing preserve. Want to contribute? You can donate to help support the museum as well!. View the current exhibits and gather your friends and family for a visit today!

Listen in for part of a guided visit, and schedule your own trip today for so much more! Thanks to the wonderful staff and specifically Bob and tony for their insight and guidance through this wonderful museum!Ce1tyHQUMAAKwnQ.jpg


Open 7 days a week
10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Every Third Thursday is open until 9:00 pm.

Museum located near Old Sac
2200 Front Street
Sacramento, CA 95818-1106

For more information please visit the California Automotive Museum Website at http://www.calautomuseum.org/

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December 22, 2015  
Between 2007 and 2010 I was fortunate enough to have the greatest job in the world, the General Manager of Titan Internet Radio at California State University, Fullerton.

This was a tremendous time meeting with some of the brightest and funniest broadcasters to be. We were a massively creative bunch, digging through vinyl crates, announcing Titan Sports, and for me, writing and recording sketch radio comedy. Flash forward nearly a decade and I am inundated with podcasts like Comedy Bang Bang, Spontaneanation, and Smodcast, which are very much in the stream on consciousness that I once delved into myself.

While I was watching a Podcasters' Round table with Ray Ortega, I considered creating a "best of" segment with my Titan Radio show "Cozy Corner". Out came my hard drive, and the adventure had begun. A break from curriciulum and lesson planning, I dove deep into the mind of college me, adn this was the result. This was some of the most fun that I could find in my records from what was, "Cozy Corner". Enjoy, I did!

Speaking of being thankful, my guy Miguel Cervantes is the best graphic designer I know. Check out his online portfolio, he supported me, and I want to return the favor.

I am working hard to salvage more of my digital library for another edition of "best of", but if this is all there is, then thats all there is, but the memories and laughs in my mind will live forever. Thanks for listening everyone. Big props to Grant Mueller and Aaron Eastwood for playing a big part in Cozy Corner! I think I have enough of 4 episodes to make at least one more volume this week. There are some classics in here.

Here's a greeting you may be receiving soon if you travel back in time to 2008:

cozy 08 christmas

December 19, 2015  

SPOILERS (watch after the movie) are present, but not intentionally so, no main plots are given away here, in this podcast review of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Luke SKywalker is back (spoilers: not until the end), I had thought he would take a large role in the film. Han Solo is present in a big way though.

There were two main points in which I lost focus on this (overall very good) story. The first was the scrolling text which seemed to have a chronological flaw in the pattern, and another being the fact that movie sagas have a flaw in not being able to (SPOILERS) remove main characters from the initial films in the series. I think the bigger issue is one of economics.

I am a medium fan, and I want people to enjoy whatever they like, Star Wars or otherwise. Just a few thoughts are offered here based on an audience viewpoint during the film.

JJ Abrams did a nice job directing the action. The on-screen performances are nothing short of excellent.

The bigger issue here is, even when movies are made well, if some plot points are off the table because of sequels, then we are limited to the on-screen potential of saga presentations, aren't we? And I don't discount or take away the pleasure of the film, its very well done! Its also great to re-live childhood classics and favorites, but I think the ability to develop one movie into greatness is hindered when sparsely spread by hand into three buckets, rather than one.

Here is 18 minutes, reflecting on this moment in history, when the world stops to watch a movie, and share a story. Which, by the way, is a wonderful thing.

Happy holidays all! Subscribe!

December 7, 2015  
November 29, 2015  

Wow, I could not take my headphones off this morning once I started recording.

I set up a new studio consisting of an iRig connected to my iPad, and then sent it out to my recently setup PA system for what I intended to be some simple jamming amplified at a level 2 inside just to get some practice work in. Then, wouldn’t you know it, just as inspiration happens, a riff in A Major led me to an all new demo. This track is the “Behind the recording”. The free song, “Trying to Be Like You” will be posted within a few minutes. Thanks for listening and supporting my free music podcast. Don’t forget to subscribe!!

November 6, 2015  

No one was going to record my documentary, so I will do it myself, after all, there's potential to grow from here. A short chat about a brand new demo, and then it will be yours for free! I love the main lead, congo drums, relaxed rhythm, and layered melodies in this song! Check out this version with lyrics, and an introduction, and then be sure to download the full instrumental version in mp3! I feel in love with this track while I was recording it, and I hope you will like it as well!

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Enjoy, share, and subscribe to Danny Hauger podcasts! The next post will be the instrumental version.


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