2017 November

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November 17, 2017  

Danny Hauger - “Not Sure”

Words and Music by Danny Hauger, © 2017


Troubled minds will challenge your old ways of thinking.

Place your bets down on the line.

Count your acorns, count your dollars, count your blessings.

Count what’s yours, then count what’s mine.


I’m not sure yet, which way to go.

I’m stabilized here, but I’ll never grow.


Peace of mind will make you patiently complacent,

Content to settle for what’s fine.

Where’s adventure going to find you, going to call you?

Your every moment is passing by.


I’m not sure yet, which way to go.

I’m stabilized here, but I’ll never grow.



This was a 2-day recording session originally set up for some slide guitar practice on day 2 of its arrival. The result was a full studio demo and one of my favorite songs I have written in 2017!


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November 17, 2017  

This Thanksgiving I led a prayer service at my school. With my new webcam on my desk, it struck me that I might record my thoughts about unity, togetherness, and gratitude with inspiration from the way my Professor at Dominican University, Rabbi Henry Schreibman taught me, to compare, appreciate, and respect traditions of all faiths. In this short prayer service I share opinions from a Muslim blogger in London, a traditional Jewish story of violinist Itzhak Perlman breaking a string on stage, and a prayer from a Christian looking to slow down the prayer before the Thanksgiving meal.

Three perspectives from followers of Islam, Judaism, and Christianity on Gratitude and Thanksgiving to reflect on round your dinner table. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families!

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November 16, 2017  

My Rogue Lap Steel Guitar showed up yesterday! It was late when the box hit the porch, but that didn't stop me from plugging in, tuning up to C6 for the first time, and recording an instrumental song in under an hour before finishing my lesson prep. I didn't have a name when I went to sleep, but this morning the San Clemente sunset was in my mind, and here it is, my first instrumental using only slide guitar. Really fun and I can't wait to get back to the studio tonight and next week to really set up some solid new original material! Thanks for listening!

November 5, 2017  

Ever wondered what it would sound like if Danny Hauger music studios went hip-hop for a day? Probably not, but like any plot of The Simpsons - it happened! Enjoy this fun and uplifting R&B track with real guitar and synthetic instruments belended. I laid the bass and guitar and then had fun improvising lyrics over the top.


Leave it Up to You Lyrics by Danny Hauger



Excitement in life seems to transpire in moments.

Like memories stored in basic components

Like your first great book or being up on stage.

There are favorites you think of on your favorite pages.


And on those pages are your long lost loves.

If you had handled them better - if you’d have worn white gloves.

Or maybe if you had been more patient in the moment.

Maybe pause your video games, or just postponed them.


Nah, if you had it right then it would have messed up.

There are some people who are just incompatible.

And don’t focus on the past that you can’t change,

Re-focus now your goals are at hand.

And don’t let retractors tell you that you can’t

You can do whatever you want man.


I’ll leave it up to you,

Show what you can do.
Can you rise up now? To the challenge

Can you give it all?

To the final fall.

With the penthouse view, in your vantage.


I’m the type of guy who would never let you go,

Cause I never played the games, showed you straight to my soul.

Every time you looked around you always tried to find,

The perfect Joe Chin to take you limousine ridin’

Who would take you to town and buy the finest drinks,

And adorn your body with leather and diamond rings.

But I’m the type of guy who likes to kick back at home,

But on the upside you know I’d never leave you alone.

And while you’re waiting for his call when he’s out with other girls,

You could have been home jammin’ with me, SEGA, and Toe Jam n’ Earl.

You might have been bored, but we were always together.
We had someone to share life in every weather.

But that kind of love gets taken for granted

And you delete all the memories that I implanted.

I’ll leave it up to you,

Show what you can do.
Can you rise up now? To the challenge

Can you give it all?

When the mic is yours, and the stage is live.

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November 1, 2017  

 It's been a few weeks if not a few months since I sat down and just recorded some instrumental music it was mostly electronic. Ever since I got my 12 string in my new Taylor guitar spent most of my recording time recording acoustic guitars. I've been experimenting with different microphone positions different plane styles and working in steel guitar as well. Today I decided it would be fun to sit down with the digital screen and compose a B and then try to put some synthesizers and instruments over the top. It's also been a while since I experimented with some strings and I thought I would put them on the off beat.


 The resulting recording has a really good group to it and remind me of when I recorded the car instrumental commercial music maybe last year. So it was really fun to put it together in about an hour I had to complete a track and even a little bit of a bridge to very the tempo and the main rhythms. The song was recorded in B minor and I even plates and piano on it. I thought the ballot came out great and it's a perfect Halloween type groove even though I'm it's a day late. Thanks for supporting the podcast and remember that you can buy Danny Hauger music on iTunes and Amazon to help support my fee music that I give away here. 


 You can also subscribe to Danny Hauger on YouTube.  I'm very appreciative for all the listeners and glad that some people I really enjoyed the music. Share with a friend and enjoy the free download and will see you next time in the next edition.