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Considering LASIK Surgery With Dr. Tony Pham

May 17, 2010

Dr. Pham

Dr. Tony Pham, of the Orange County LASIK institute. 2020 OC

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I have been wearing glasses since the second grade. For 16 years I have reached for a pair of lenses each morning before beginning my day. Each year my vision has declined and I have become more dependent on my glasses. Staying sidelined from adventure in favor of protecting the expensive glasses and lenses caused me to avoid activity that would damage my glasses.

There came a point when I became curious about the potential benefits of having a LASIK procedure to free me from glasses and correct my nearsighted vision and astigmatism. Being fairly sensitive about my eyes, I spent a great deal of time learning about the procedure and the offices providing LASIK in the Orange County area of California.

After visiting a few websites I found a mission statement that resonated with what I was looking for: "At the Orange County Eye and LASIK Institute, we treat you like family. We understand the honor it is to care for your vision and your eyes. Our practice is not a factory.” I saw that they offered a free consultation and signed up for more information and to test my desire to undergo LASIK.

I could not have been more impressed and comfortable with the staff at the Orange County LASIK Institute. Dr. Pham was personally evaluating me and found me to be a good candidate for LASIK and walked me through the steps of the procedure, reassuring me of the painless and quick operation. I was made to feel like family. My apprehension about LASIK was reduced after the answers and information provided by Dr. Pham. His philosophy to test each patient three times, and operate once, was a tribute to the quality of care that Dr. Pham values for every one of his patients.

I went for a second opinion and comparison at another Southern California laser eye center, and was completely underwhelmed by the facilities, staff, and mechanical treatment I received. I knew then that is I was to have LASIK, it had to be from a respected Ophthalmologist, and felt that Dr. Pham actually cared about my individual vision plan that provides custom eye mapping and LASIK.

I plan on documenting my LASIK progress as I go to help people who may be on the fence about having LASIK themselves. If someone as nervous and reliant on glasses as myself can undergo the procedure, I hope it will motivate others to do the same. Follow my journey with the Orange County LASIK Institute as I schedule my second appointment in June of 2010.

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